Red Tide Causes Bioluminescent Ocean

Have you ever seen the ocean glow in the dark? Now you can with our Cool Nature Video for this week. This one is brought to us by Franz Krachtus. He filmed this one last month just north of Solana Beach, California. This short video shows an incredible natural wonder of the ocean that you'll definitely want to watch. Thank you, Franz, for contributing this video.

"Red tide in Cardiff, California causes bioluminescence ocean waves. There were no color enhancements made to this video. In real life, the color is a bit more green. Filmed by Franz Krachtus, Sept. 2011"

Before you watch the video, click on the picture below for a good look at this phenomenon.

by Franz Krachtus
Upon many requests to Franz, here is some info about the equipment he used:
Nikon D7000
Nikon 70-200 F2.8 Lens
Kata DR467i Camera Backpack (very crucial because nothing falls out into the sand)

This video was uploaded to YouTube on September 28, 2011 by cinemadv (Franz). If you can't see the video above, we also have a link to the YouTube page for this video. You may also find other interesting videos there.

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  1. I have seen a few fungus that glow in the dark.This is real nice.

  2. I was lucky enough to see this once on a trip to the Bahamas. It really is a wonder of the tiniest creatures of nature.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  3. I've witnessed bioluminescent plankton in Maine. Very beautiful and strange!


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