Breath Of Fresh Air

I have found a brand new site! This nature lover has had his/her forays into nature cut off by arthritis. I don't know for certain if Nature Lover is male or female but I feel like she is a she. Hopefully NL will let us know if I am incorrect. Even though her lessened mobility has her inside most of the time,

Nature Lover still loves the outdoors. Being a former camper and hiker in New York, she misses being able to be out there. She now substitutes with her blog and feels like she is getting that breath of fresh air that she misses so.

A lovely quote from Walt Disney leads us to a blog about curiosity. Nature Lover shows a picture of steps surrounded by flowers . Where does it lead?

Next we see a baby. A baby blue hubbard squash, that is. Nature Lover says they can be cooked and frozen for a treat all year.

Nature Lover reminisces a bit. Remembering bunnies that were a gift when she was a child, she tells about the cages and run that the bunnies had. Memories like that are what makes a lot of us love nature.

Goldenrod is a beautiful flower. Many people blame it for allergies that cause sniffles and watery eyes. Nature lover discovered that ragweed is the actual culprit.

When you visit Breath of Fresh Air you will see that it is a brand new blog. Each post is short and sweet with a nice picture. It is truly just a quick breath of fresh air. I hope everyone will make her feel welcome and leave a nice comment after you have looked around a bit. And please mention that Emma sent you. The link is below.

Breath of Fresh Air

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