Landlubbing Fish

Fish are evolving. There are fish that actually live on land. The Pacific leaping blenny is a fish that lives on the rocky coastline of Micronesia. They are actual fish but they live out of the water.

Scientists have been explaining evolution as the water animals adapting to land and gradually taking on new characteristics. Is this proof?

Pacific leaping blennies are one kind of so-called walking fish. They live, eat, and mate on the coasts of Micronesia. They are able to do so at midtide when there is plenty of water, which they need to keep moist, but the current isn't strong enough to wash them out to sea.

The fish breathe through their gills and their skin. If their skin dries out, they are unable to breathe. Apparently the fragile state of their existence means that the fish will have to evolve further or perhaps not be able to survive. By the way, that is my observation, not one stated by the scientists.

So the world moves forward. If you would like to read more and see some pictures of these remarkable fish, there is a link below.

Just a quick note here. Since Ratty is slowing his workload online, I am going to take the opportunity to get a few chores that are over due taken care of. I might even get a little exploring in. I will be back just as soon as Emma tells me she's ready for me. See you in a couple of weeks.

Walking Fish


  1. A fascinating creature and conundrum.

  2. My high school biology teacher would be in hog heaven over this one.


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