Am I Back?

I hope this post will actually post. I started to figure out how to do all this and disaster struck. I had to have everything re-installed. As I have mentioned, this is somewhat of a mystery to me. I needed help. As luck would have it, I found someone to help me. So I am ready to give this all a try. All comments will be appreciated, especially constructive advice.

For now posts will be rather irregular because I am one person. Copas is still exploring. He caught up on a few chores he had been putting off then he found someone to watch his place. It is a well-deserved break so I am trying to give him as much time as possible.

Ratty is with his father. I believe his father was both better and worse than Ratty expected. Ratty will have his hands full. I know he is anxious to get back to all of you but he has a big job. I encouraged him to wait a little longer to come back. He really enjoys his sites and he misses all of you terribly. He is getting out into nature a bit. As soon as he can juggle his new responsibilities with his pleasure at writing, he will return.

This is short. It is mainly to let you know that Nature Center Magazine is still here. I hope to have a new post tomorrow or the next day. Until then I do hope you all can be patient until Copas and Ratty are with me.


  1. Nice to hear from you, I was just thinking about sending you a note and seeing how all was going.

  2. Thank you for being concerned. Unfortunately, with my computer down, I would not have received a note. Ironic, isn't it?

  3. Emma, I pray that Ratty's Dad recovers quickly. Dang...he has much on his plate. Thanks for the update.

  4. Thank you for your thoughts. I am not sure recovery is a part of the future for Ratty's father. That is the difficulty Ratty is facing. We have hopes but at the same time, release from infirmity can be for the best.


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