Wandering Thought

According to her father, Icy BC began writing as soon as she could hold a pencil. Once he got her to stop writing on the walls, they were both happy. Icy BC feels that her writing helps to express her creativity and her imagination. Add her photographs to the mix and you get a very entertaining article. Wandering Thought is her blog.

Because Wandering Thought is somewhat different from most of the blogs we feature, I am going to present it in a different way. Icy BC includes her writings in her posts so not all of them are strictly about nature. They are all worth reading. But since this is Nature Center Magazine I will confine us to what she has done with nature.

Here is a blue cricket. Nestled in the rocks, it is hard to see. But Icy BC's camera found it for us.

I think my favorite post is of the flowers from her vegetable garden. Usually we are so anxious to harvest the vegetables that we forget the beauty the plants provide along the way.

From reading her blog, I know that Belle Isle is one of Icy BC's favorite places to view nature. Belle Isle is an island in the Detroit River that separates Detroit from Windsor. She has some nice pictures of the scenery to be found there.

Icy BC found some lovely little flowers that reminded her of the poppers that children like on the Fourth of July. She does not know the name of them so she calls them firecracker flowers. I am happy that she shared them even though she wasn't sure of their names.

Black squirrels are plentiful in Michigan. Icy BC has some wonderful pictures of trees with black squirrels dotting them. It is so artistic.

Magenta flowers are the next subject. They are bright and cheery. Icy BC is fussy about using the correct name for a color so they are magenta.

Zinnias were my mother's favorite flowers. She liked the variety of colors and sizes. Icy BC found some pink zinnias and shared the pictures with us.

Wandering Thought is a relaxing place to go. The pictures are lovely. As I mentioned, not all the posts are about nature, especially when Icy BC began the blog. But I think you will enjoy them all. Also make sure you look at the other blogs Icy BC writes. They have links to the right of the post. There are more nature posts in those. After you have looked around, please leave Icy BC a nice comment and tell her Emma sent you. Her link is below.

Wandering Thought

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  1. This is a great surprise and honor for me to get featured here.

    Thank you so much and know that I'm deeply touched!

  2. The honor is all mine. You earned it.

  3. I call her Flower Queen, she always has that special touch in taking flowers at their most beautiful angle, and her writings are always very inspiring. So glad for Wandering Thought for the feature here.

  4. Her flower pictures do show such vibrant colors. Thank you for your comment.

  5. I have seen her in a few other blogs and have stopped in.Sounds like a good time for me.

  6. Definitely a good time. Yes, you will see her all over the place. It's a good thing. Thank you for your comment.

  7. Icy has the most wonderful blog, it is always interesting to stop by for a visit. Glad to see her featured here.

  8. You are quite right. Thank you for your comment.

  9. Icy always has wonderful shots of nature and flowers on her site. Macro shots in fact, that pic up the fine detail of every interesting specimen she finds.


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