I Hate Your Dog

Why is your dog so darn annoying? Is it because you take your little Cujo out in public and let him off the leash only to stand there and watch as he attacks everything and everyone in sight? I don't hate all dogs. I have a dog of my own. I love my dog. I just hate your dog. You know who you are. Put your beast back on the leash!

Some of your dogs are good dogs. You keep them at home. You don't accidentally  sic 'em on unsuspecting bystanders. And if you do happen to go out with your animal you keep him on a leash and keep him away from strangers. But you others like to take your attack dog out and injure other people and then pretend you didn't know it would happen. How do you not know your crazy horror movie monster would claw and bite a person it doesn't know? And guess what. Nobody wants your mutt's snout in their crotch! "Oh, he must really like you!"

I was at a park one time and a dog came running up to me snarling and growling. The owner was nowhere in sight! I thought I was going to have to seriously hurt the animal while fighting it off. When that jerk showed up he called the attacker off just in time. Then the guy turned around without a word of apology and walked off into the woods. He should have known by looking at me that he could have been in serious trouble. He's lucky I'm a nice guy!

Most dogs that aren't on a leash aren't dangerous at all. But how am I supposed to know that? If your dog comes running up to me I usually think I need to defend myself. I am perfectly capable of hurting or killing your pet. Do you want that? I could also have your pet taken away and possibly have you arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

But your dog is different. Little Cujo is a darling and he's too small to hurt anybody. What about the wildlife at a nature preserve? "He's so cute when he chases those nasty little squirrels!" Well those squirrels live there and they were there first! What did they ever do to you?

The worst is the guy who lets his dog defecate all over the trails  at the nature preserve. Do you want to be the one who steps in that? Look. All you have to do is use one of the baggies that are usually given out for free at any park that allows dogs! Is it that hard for you? Nobody likes it when your obnoxious mutt leaves his droppings all over where they have to walk! I really doubt any of the other animals like it either. I hate that dog but I hate that guy more!

And then there is the guy with the friendly dog. I can't count the times when somebody came over to me to ask me a question and their mutt stuck his wet nose in my crotch. I'm not like you. I don't like that! At least have the courtesy to keep him close to you when you come over. Some people think because I look official some of the time that it's okay to let their dog sniff me up and down. Usually a few words of warning takes care of that right away. Ha!

Just remember. You are the only one who loves your dog. Strangers fear it. All they see are teeth. Keep your dog at home or keep your dog on a leash. And keep that leash short when there are others around! Then I won't hate your dog. But I still won't care about him.

And that's all I have to say about that!

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  1. Not all dogs are bad, Rob. I've had a few bad experiences myself, but I've also had some good ones. I've gotten to know many people because of their dogs. I guess it depends on the situation.

  2. You seem to be holding back Rob. Why not say what you really think?

  3. Maybe it's not the dog that you should be hating. In reading your post it sounds like (and I see a lot of this too) the humans are the real problem.

  4. I know how you feel. I've walked my dogs on our elementary school grounds (off hours) along with many of the people in our village. However recently I've encountered several people who now think it's a dog park and have their huge dogs off leash. They may or may not be well trained - I have no idea so when I see them we have to change our course and try to avoid the area just to be safe.

  5. you are funny, strangers just see "their teeth", i somehow fear dogs who are not on leash and maybe see only their teeth and tremble, but my hubby loves to play and pet even stranger dogs, though both of us agree that it is not safe to put the dog out of leash and let it run wild on its own on the trail, but i see many people do that, but so far, i have not encountered a bad dog not on leash yet. i really hate those who do not follow after their dog, they just leave their dogs poo unattended, i think it is something like, "I hate you irresponsible dog owner".

  6. I'm ok with dogs behind the gate or on the leash, but to see a charging dog, it's frightening.

    I don't like the owners who walk their dogs and allow them to do their "business" on other people's lawn though.

  7. Perhaps the real issue is dogs in urban and suburban environments. Some breeds need, and I mean need, a lot of exercise and they don't get it in busy human places. It seems that people who want and cherish dogs should select breeds that are more comfortable in the environment that they are going to place them.

    Look, I've had dogs all my life. And I'm not a city person. Even then I do not let my hounds run around wild because they will harass wildlife. But they do get 3-4 mile walks every day and they play together and wrestle around the homestead while I watch them closely. It just takes common sense.

    I must say, however, that the author of this needs to relax a little and try looking at the world through other peoples eyes.

    Just sayin'.

  8. Amen!! Can I please go to the pet store for supplies without wading through a maze of pee and poop? Why do dog owners think we all love their dogs?? Have you ever noticed that cat owners don't take their cats places and force them on others?

  9. I agree, although I don´t hate dogs.
    Dogs become what they are and the way they behave through their life experiences,that is why it is so important to train a dog in a kind and firm way that is done through rewarding,not punishment.

    If your dog can´t behave keep it on a leash in public areas and train ir regularly.

    Keep the leash short and connect properly with your dog when meeting people and other dogs.
    (No mobile or other conversations or any other distractions for that matter. You are your dogs leader. Never forget that, it relies on YOU!

    After all, why should other people and dogs have to be subjected to rudeness or aggression if it can be avoided?

    Okay, no one is perfect (owner or dog)but we should do our upmost to make life easier for others and our dogs.

    Personally I think showing kindness and empathy towards each other and the animals in our environment should be our first priority.


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