The Bug Whisperer

The Bug Whisperer is our Nature Site of the Week. It is written by Adrian Thysse. Adrian's parents left Holland to seek their fortunes in Canada. After several moves around Canada, his family went to live in South Africa. Now Adrian is sharing experiences about macro photography of insects, spiders, and other invertebrates.

The first link covers the whole first month that Adrian wrote The Bug Whisperer. The reason for this is that the first few posts were taken from a previous blog he wrote. They are good but recycled. There is another post with a checklist for macro photography that is interesting and informative. With colorful pictures, good narrative, and photography tips you will see that we are in for a treat.

The Scarlet Malachite Beetle is a beautiful creature. The adult beetle feeds on pollen from various flowers. The larva eats larva of other small insects and stays closer to the ground. Adrian has a good deal of scientific knowledge and personal observations about the beetle. He also shares some links so we can learn more about it.

Bees have a bad reputation among humans. Most of us have been stung by these lovely little insects. However bees are some of the busiest pollinators and a lot of fun to watch buzzing around. Adrian tells us how to make sure we have places for bees to live so that they can help take care of our plants. It takes no money and very little time and can be quite rewarding.

Often we see dragonflies in their heart shaped mating ritual. Now Adrian explains what actually happens when dragonflies mate. Basically the male inseminates himself, then grabs the female and they start their dance. I wish now I had paid more attention in biology class.

While out walking, Adrian came upon an ant pulling a caterpillar up one side of a log and down the other. Of course, he got a wonderful picture. As he usually does, Adrian tells what camera and settings he used to capture the ant at work.

This is the time of year that we all are contending with mosquitoes. These nasty little bloodsuckers drive us crazy with their shrieking in our ears and biting us to get to the blood they need. Then we itch. Adrian has some pictures of a mosquito at work taking blood from his knee. The article explains the process that the mosquito goes through and the pictures are magnificent.

I know you will learn a lot from reading The Bug Whisperer. I certainly did. And you will be entertained the whole time. Adrian's photos are outstanding. Please visit him. When you finish, please leave him a nice comment and tell him Emma sent you. His link is below.

The Bug Whisperer

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  1. Alwas nice to have more knowledge of these interesting creatures.

  2. To Out on the Prairie: I am so sorry for not replying sooner. Life sometimes takes over and leaves little time for my computer. Thank you for your comment. We are fortunate to have several sites that are interested in the smaller creatures.

  3. Emma this is a wonderful pic. I could spend hours looking at the photos. Such details.

  4. I love the insect world. All of the species within it play critical roles in our ecosystems. This blog looks educational and fascinating. Thanks for letting all of us know about it!

  5. Thank you both for your comments. I am always thrilled to find a new site, especially one that is this good. It is gratifying to have people agree with me too.


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