Monkey With A Machine Gun

Today we bring you a video that shows what happens when a creature is given technology that is beyond its understanding. This creature will use it in a foolish manner instead of the way it was intended. Monkey With A Machine Gun is how I always have referred to this behavior. An ape should never be given an AK-47, but it has already been done.

There is a clue to the secret of this somewhat amusing video in the links below. But let's get to the video first!

This video was uploaded to YouTube on July 6, 2011 by apeswillrise. If you can't see the video above, we also have a link to the YouTube page for this video.

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  1. Maybe the ape is the smart one, he seems to handle it better than the silly human that handed it to him.

    When I saw who posted the video I had a feeling it was related to the movie.

  2. And who was the one with more intelligence?

  3. @SquirrelQueen
    Yeah, I agree. The ape was quite a bit wiser in this situation.
    The old version of the movies were a childhood favorite of mine, and the new one looks good so far, so I didn't want to miss leaving a clue here.

    @Out on the prairie
    I think the chimp was the intelligent one here in far more ways than one. Humans can be so stupid sometimes.

  4. I hate to sound ethnocentric, but where was this filmed?

  5. @Out On The Prairie
    I think I agree with you.

    @Interesting Pictures
    Good one. :)

    @Lauren Axelrod
    Judging by the setting, it appears to be from one of the third world countries. But it is actually a promotional video for a new Planet Of The Apes movie.


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