Angry Bird Attack

Agelaius phoeniceus SC
An angry bird was caught on video attacking pedestrians in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We have the video straight from the newsies mouths. It seems this male red-winged blackbird was protecting its nest outside a museum on a busy street, and it targeted anyone who dared to pass by.

Do you want more talk, or do you want to see the video? Let's get to it!

This video can also be found at the source:  WZZM13. Also in a news story at

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  1. We had one come back every year and nest. It seemed prone to chase certain people. My father often said that was why his hair was thinning,they had a ongoing battle.

  2. I used to live in a wet lands area of Illinois and we had a lot of these critters. They tend to be a little aggressive. They came after me more than once.


  3. Oh the hearty blackbird . I've seen them challenge crows, ravens, hawks and even eagles with such persistence that interlopers couldn't get away soon enough. Look at any ditch or marsh and you will see them standing guard at ready for all that venture near.

    A think it was being gentle with these humans...just one peck each. Haha.

  4. Thank you all for your comments. The video is really kind of amusing, because I think the bird's attacks are mostly just a warning.

  5. That's my kind of bird! Taking world heritage and culture into his own hands.He must want a CRM job. lol


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