Mythical Unicorn Found!

What would happen if we all found out that unicorns are real? Would we all celebrate? Would there be dancing in the streets? Probably not, but many of us would be very curious. Would you like to know what this unicorn looks like? Our Cool Nature Video for this week shows you a real life wild unicorn! Take a look...

Legend met reality recently as Italian researchers discovered this unicorn. Rossell Lorenzi tracks the find.That's enough of the talk. Let's get to the video!

This video can also be found at the Discovery News video page.

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  1. We had a one pronger out at my conservation club last year, i think the other got broken.Haven't seen it this year yet.
    steve, OOTP

  2. Are you saying that Unicorns don't exist? This is difficult for me to take in. Say it's not true.

  3. @Out On The Prairie
    I'd like to see one. It would be very interesting.

    @Don't unplug your hub
    But they do exist. The creature in the video proves it. :)


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