Exploring the United States

For anyone who hasn't noticed, we have now explored each of the 50 states of the United States. I hope you've had as much fun as I have. If you haven't had a chance to actually visit any of the states yet, maybe your next vacation you will find the time to get out and explore. You never know what you might find.

With each state we've visited,  I included computer links to help you plan your own adventure. I believe they will be helpful. The travel guide for each state is full of valuable information. It will have places of interest that you might not have known about.

But you don't have to limit yourself to these materials. Auto clubs have brochures and information about just about any place you'd like to go. If you like, they will even plan your trip for you, but it's more fun to do it yourself. You'll get what you want that way.

You can also plan another way. If you are going to be in a certain place, do a search for that area or town on the computer. There will be links to point out the local spots for you. Most towns have a Chamber of Commerce that welcomes visitors, so they are happy to assist you with whatever your interests are.

For our readers who don't live in the United States, do come visit us. It takes more planning to explore a country you aren't familiar with, but it is great adventure.

Even though the states are done, I will still be around. Next week, I have a special place to visit. I also want to explore some places that are a little farther away as well as some other things here in the United States.. There will be some other things too.

Thank you for exploring with me. It's been a great adventure.



  1. I have had fun finding about areas I never heard about. I like to use juveneile literature when exploring travel options. They are brief and to the point and allow more research if needed.This has been fun!

    Out On the Praire

  2. Thanks, Steve (Out On the Prairie). I use the kids' information too. They don't try to get too fancy with the places either. Usually simple is better.


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