West Virginia

Look what I have. It's the Travel Guide to West Virginia and all the other materials I use to plan a fun trip. The weather here is real nice. No jacket needed. I am thinking that I'm back outside for the rest of the summer. My horse is thinking the same thing while she's grazing over there enjoying the peace you can only get outside. I have hot and cold beverages for you and there are sandwiches in the cooler. Pull up a log because we're going to West Virginia.

West Virginia is also known as the Mountain State. It is the only state formed by seceding from a Confederate state, Virginia, during the Civil War to become the 35th state. The state animal is the black bear and the state butterfly is the monarch butterfly.

Right now is a good time to visit West Virginia. They have spring walks for just about everything. Blackwater Falls State Park has wildflower tours, bird walks, and several nature programs. The black water of the five story high Blackwater Falls is made black by the tannic acid from fallen hemlock trees and red spruce needles.

Twin Falls Resort State Park has 12 scenic hiking trails. And for mountain bikers there are trails. If you want to learn about mountain biking, they even have lessons.

Most of the state parks have multiple geocaches. It is great fun for the whole family or for one person. The parks encourage those who wish to place caches but you are required to get a permit to do so.

Harper's Ferry National Historic Park is the site of one of the most famous incidents of the Civil War. John Brown and a group of followers attacked Harper's Ferry as a protest against slavery. Harper's Ferry also saw the largest surrender of Federal troops during the Civil War. Besides seeing the museums and exhibits here, you can walk the trails or meander around the battlefields.

The Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike is a byway that has so many interesting stops. You can look for ghosts at the old Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. The Monongahela National Forest has hiking trails that often open up to beautiful mountain scenic views. Not to mention looking at all the historic sites along the way.

Clements State Tree Nursery was once owned by Samuel and Pamela Clemens. Their grandson, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, was known as Mark Twain. At the nursery, the main goal is to preserve historically important tree species. French Oak acorns and seedlings were part of the thank you France sent to the United States after we sent them more than 700 boxcars full of relief goods after World War ll. They are nurtured here as a tribute to the World War ll veterans. You can purchase these and other tree seeds and seedlings to plant at your home.

West Virginia has some great scenery, trails for whatever type of exploring you like, water opportunities of every imaginable kind, and a huge number of historic sites. Do yourself a favor and plan an adventure here. There are links below to help you. When you come home, let us know what you saw. I'm going to see the Lost World Caverns and then on to the Mystery Hole.


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