The Road To Here

Allow me to introduce SquirrelQueen. She is the person who gives us The Road To Here. This is a blog with extraordinarily beautiful pictures. They are all taken by SquirrelQueen. She takes pictures of plants, she takes pictures of animals, she takes pictures of scenery. The subject is always shown at its very best so we can enjoy it as she did.

SquirrelQueen grew up in Georgia in the United States. She read about and heard about far away places and wished to see them. So what did she do? She moved to Alaska and lived in several locations there. She has lived in California and Oregon. For now she is living in Washington State. Through all of the moves, she has taken pictures to record her surroundings.

When she was living in Alaska, SquirrelQueen had an apartment that opened into the back yard. In Alaska it is not unusual to see wild animals in town. For instance, moose would stroll through town and stop traffic. SquirrelQueen learned early to look around when she opened her door to go out. She grew especially fond of a moose that made its bed behind the trash cans.

SquirrelQueen had been trying for a long time to capture dragonflies on film. When she was successful, she got quite a few shots. Not only that, she also found quite a few different kinds of dragonflies. How do we know? The cat told me.

It was New Year's Eve. After getting some snow, SquirrelQueen got some freezing rain. But in between, she stepped onto the patio and saw what looked to be a hawk soaring overhead. Did she panic? Of course not. She grabbed her camera and took a couple of pictures.

When SquirrelQueen took a picture of a plant she did not recognize, she posted her photo. Then she discovered what it was and told us about it. It turned out to be a member of the geranium family. It is edible in several ways. I keep envisioning a salad with those lovely flowers in it.

Here we have a quick picture of a honey bee doing what honey bees do best. The fascinating part of this picture is the huge pollen sac that is so visible.

Another great photo is taken when SquirrelQueen practices capturing sunbeams. I had trouble seeing them until I enlarged the picture. Now I don't understand why I did not spot them immediately.

A lovely pink flower covered with raindrops. The pictures would stand alone, but SquirrelQueen added a poem at the end. It just topped off the whole post.

A visit to the aviary pond on a nice sunny day provided SquirrelQueen with photo opportunities. She snapped a fantastic picture of a turtle seeming to watch a large goldfish swimming by. Nature at its finest.

Please go over and take a look around The Road To Here. The colorful pictures will give you a relaxing time. The short stories are fun to read. It is just a nice way to spend some time. The link is below. When you leave a nice comment, tell her Emma sent you.

The Road To Here

Do you write a nature website or blog, or know of one, that you would like to introduce to our readers? Send me the information and I might feature it in one of my next reviews. Click here to find out how: Feature My Nature Site.


  1. Thank you Emma for the lovely write up about my blog and for featuring The Road to Here as Nature Site of the Week.

    I hope everyone will stop by and see the Emperor Goose I just posted.

    Have a wonderful week!

    Squirrel Queen
    aka Judy

  2. Very nice intro with links to good posts. I'm off to check it out.

  3. A fun site, I like your pick this week. Thanks for such lovely comments I am glad to always hear from you.

  4. To SquirrelQueen: You are the one with the interesting site. Thank you
    To texwisgirl: She certainly is worth the love.
    To Sharkbytes: I know you will enjoy it. It is your kind of blog.
    To Out on the prairie: Thank you for your comments. I love the pictures you post but I usually go straight to the story first and look at the pictures later.

  5. Awesome article!! I'm heading back to your blog to comment!

  6. Squirrel Queen has lovely blogs and I love that she frequently enters my FREE AMATEUR PHOTO CONTEST too..she is a very talented photographer and a dear person! I am glad you featured her blogs here, she deserves it!

  7. "Congratulations"!!! How wonderful and such and honor.

  8. A great article and feature of Squirrel Queen!

  9. To Ginny, The Retired One, Pat, and Ebie: SquirrelQueen is quite a person to have so many good friends. I thank you all for your comments.


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