Nature Tales And Camera Trails

A retired teacher from New Brunswick, Canada, is the author of Nature Tales and Camera Trails. She calls herself me ann my camera. I hope she will not be offended if I shorten that to Ann. She has been posting since 2006. We are in for a real treat because she has not only been here a long time but she is a prolific poster and that gives us a lot to see.

Ann has a favorite spot where she goes to watch for ring-necked ducks. When the water level has dropped enough, she likes to watch painted turtles sunning on an old sofa that has become visible above the water. On this day however, she discovered dragonflies. The first photo is a Calico Pennant. It has beautiful red hearts running down its back. She also found a Chalk-fronted Corporal. Then there were Familiar Bluet Damselflies and a four-spotted Skimmer.

On a search for white-tailed deer, Ann was having no luck. She drove around backroads looking and looking. On her way home, she spotted eight of them standing in a drive in a neighboring village. She took a couple of pictures as they looked at her.

Ann was given one word to inspire a haiku. The word was stairway. She immediately thought of a waterway she knows that looks like a stairway. Of course, she has pictures to show us what the watery stairway looks like.

Almost everyone has a soft spot for ladybugs. Most of us know that they eat garden pests. My children were taught that to have a ladybug land on you is a sign of good fortune. Ann has some tremendous pictures. There are at least two that show the ladybug with its wings open, giving us a view of what it looks like inside.

Ann has themed days regularly. On a Scenic Sunday she shares a pasture of sheep. Pictures of scenery give a soothing feeling. She shares a nice little poem too.

A broken garden globe has taken Ann's ability to take pictures of her garden reflected in the globe. She has some photos in reserve though. It is a remarkable effect. You will enjoy the picture of her garden.

A Mellow Yellow Monday brings us birds. Male Evening Grosbeaks are gorgeous and Ann has some magnificent close-up photos. She has a feeder full of niger seed. The Goldfinches that visited almost emptied it. A Pine Siskin is the last of her yellow birds.

Nature Tales and Camera Trials is full of crisp, detailed pictures. If you look along the side of the posts you can find all sorts of other things of interest. Please take the time to visit Ann. When you have finished leave her a nice message and tell her Emma sent you. Her link is below.

Nature Tales And Camera Trails

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  1. Very nice choice, this was a fun blog to explore.

  2. To Out On The Prairie: I thought it was a good choice too. It pleases me to introduce new nature sites.

  3. Great choice for this week Emma. I really like her ladybug photos, capturing the elytra in a photo is difficult. You pretty much have sit with camera aimed and wait.

    I will be exploring her blog more.

  4. A terrific choice! So much that is really interesting, and New Brunswick, for those of you have not had the pleasure, is a wonderful, wonderful place. Can't wait to go back and see more of this blog!

  5. To SquirrelQueen: I enjoyed this site too. She does have some excellent shots.

  6. To Wild_Bill: I have not been to that part of Canada but I hope to someday. Thank you all for your comments.


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