Overcoming Diseases

I like natural ways to deal with everything, especially treating illness. Overcoming Diseases tells us about natural remedies. I could not find any information about the author or where the author lives. I like to know about the person who writes a blog, but it is not a necessity. There are some helpful posts for anyone who wants to use these alternatives.

Spring and summer are almost here for those of us in the northern hemisphere. That means insects and insects mean insect bites. Little bites like mosquito bites are not life threatening, but they are a nuisance. There are all sorts of medicines in the drug store that are used to relieve the itching and burning. Many of them have cautions on their labels about what ages can use them. Others have side effects. A natural way to alleviate the itching is to cut an onion in half and gently rub the bites with the flesh of the onion. Keep the onion in the refrigerator to re-use as needed.

Athlete's foot is a fungus that causes redness and itchiness usually between the toes. Again you will find treatments at your pharmacy.  Most of them have limits to the amount of time they can be used and, again, they have possible side effects.Keeping your feet as clean and dry as possible is the best way to prevent athlete's foot. \but it still happens. In Overcoming Diseases, there are four different plants that can do the trick. Treatment is as easy as crushing a certain part of the plant and applying the "juice" to your toes.

Peperomia seems to be a wonder plant. It is used to ease headache and soothe abdominal pain and kidney problems. It is also good to treat skin disorders such as boils, pimples, and abscesses. Leaves and stocks are used to make tea, poultices, and decoctions. The post will tell you what to use and how. This plant also makes a good salad. Inside and out, it seems to take care of the body.

Constipation is such an ugly word. It is an even uglier feeling. How to treat it naturally? With kangkong, also known as swamp cabbage. Swamp cabbage is a popular vegetable. It can be a strong laxative.You can eat it as part of your meal. It is an antidote to opium and arsenic poisoning. Just put the plant in a blender, or chew it, or make a salad. A decoction is good for general nervousness and weakness.

Blumea camphor is another wonder plant. It is a diuretic, treats kidney stones, and aids in treating hypertension and rheumatism. It treats cold and fever, including sore throat. It treats diarrhea , dysentery, upset stomach, and parasitic worms. It helps remove boils. There is a list of folk lore uses there also. Directions for making the tea and paste to use are in the post.

People who use natural remedies should be aware that they can sometimes cause problems with prescribed medicines. Always talk to your doctor if you are considering the use of any herbal treatment. And sometimes herbal treatments just aren't enough. Follow the advice of a physician you trust.

Overcoming Diseases is another fascinating look at herbal treatments for common maladies. Herbs are nature's medicines. Please visit this site. Look around and learn what the plants can do for us. Then leave a nice comment and please tell them Emma sent you. The link is below.

Overcoming Diseases

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  1. Wonderful article Emma, I'm with you first try natural cures before using pharmaceuticals.

  2. What an interesting site. I like the onion for bites, but then will others want to be around you? LOL


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