A Murder Of Crows Pt.3

Causing Havoc In Tokyo. This is part three of a six part series. We are bringing you a full documentary on maybe the second most intelligent species on the planet, just behind humans. This look into the world of crows will go on for six weeks, and it is very worth it. This will be the best look at these animals any site like ours has ever given.

Showing this six part series is a huge thing for us. We'd like some feedback from you in our comments section about what you think of the idea of showing a full documentary here at Nature Center Magazine. Would you like to see more of these, or maybe take a break back to shorter videos?Tell us what you think.

Watch the full episode. See more Nature.

This video is from a PBS TV series called A Murder Of Crows. If you can't see the video above, we also have a link to the PBS Video page for this video.

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  1. My Son and I rescued a crow some years ago and although she is totally free refuses to leave. We call her "Lucky". She joins with the hens at feeding time and is also fond of dog food and fruit. One wing is slightly bent but this doesn't stop her flying. I think she is reaching maturity as she is calling a lot and another crow has been showing interest. Lucky only comes to me when she is hungry, but loves my son George and flies to him whenever he appears. We think Lucky is female but don't know for sure

  2. @Don't unplug your hub
    That sounds like typical crow behavior. Crows are so smart. They know when they've found friends. I'd love to have an experience like yours.

  3. How lucky for "Lucky". I have a pair of crows that come and take the pieces of apple I throw out and sometimes they take the fox treats. I like having them around. They warn all the other critters when danger is coming. And they really defend their territory when a hawk comes in the area. They are fun to watch. Glad I don't have a whole bunch of them though.

  4. Crowd really clever animal . They looks ugly all in dark but they are wise .

  5. What a great video. Confirms why crows are so fascinating. We have alot in common.


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