Robins - From Eggs To Flight

I can't say that birds have the prettiest babies of the animal kingdom. But it's still one of the most interesting things to watch a bird go from being just hatched to having flown from the nest. In this video we get a look at just that. The closeups of the babies are what makes this really something special and worth watching. Look and see if you agree.

Even though baby birds aren't the prettiest sights you'll ever see, they are extremely interesting to look at. These American robins are no exception to that. It's like the tale of the ugly duckling. We don't see beauty, but that will all change very soon for this fragile looking little creatures.

This video was uploaded to YouTube on June 08, 2009 by 72se. If you can't see the video above, we also have a link to the YouTube page for this video.

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  1. There was a couple who made a cam box for bluebirds and were able to enjoy each hatch on their computer.


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