Coyotes In Residential Areas

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I've been reading some disturbing reports from around Michigan of coyotes being found in areas of large human population. Many reports have people claiming that coyotes had attacked their pets. Some just see the animals roaming around their neighborhoods. Seeing a coyote in your backyard can be quite disturbing.

The first thing you might want to know is what exactly is a coyote. A coyote is a wild predator that is related to dogs. A coyote probably looks more like a wolf than any dog though. The behavior is obviously much closer. They usually eat small mammals like rabbits and squirrels, but they have been known to take down deer when hungry.

The coyote's range has rapidly expanded in America over the years, and like deer, that means their territory sometimes overlaps with humans. Deer give enough problems themselves when they are too close to humans, and a predator like a coyote can be even more troublesome, and even unsettling to a person who might encounter one.

The coyote doesn't necessarily mean any harm to a human, but they are predators. They have to hunt to obtain their food. There is no rabbit meat store for them. And sometimes when their normal food is scarce, your cat or little dog might be just the right size for them. The coyote is only doing what it thinks it has to do. This is a problem when we all live in such close proximity.

And most humans will feel an instinctive fear upon seeing an animal like this. I know I did when I saw one. It was in the area behind my backyard that I found it. It was just out hunting the groundhogs that live back there when we saw each other. The coyote ran and hid in the trees, but peered back out at me. I felt as if it was sizing me up to see if I might make a good meal. Was it really doing that? I don't know, but that didn't ease my fear.

So remember, if you encounter an animal like these, try not to let the fear overwhelm you and make you do something foolish. But also do your best to avoid the animal as much as you can. And remember to keep your pets safe.


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  2. Good advice about these critters. They are numerous here in the SE.

    I really like the redecorating. It is a nice and fresh look.

  3. We hear coyotes howling every summer on our lake at night. We have not heard of them attacking any pets though,so we are happy about that!

  4. We hear coyotes down the river at night. There have been reports of them attacking small pets around here as well. But I do hope we can learn to live together by being smart and cautious. We have become quite a crowd and I think we can at least attempt to compromise where we can. I would be scared, too, if staring at a coyote in my backyard but it would also be a lifetime thrill to see such a beautiful creature.


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