Sympathy For An Old Man

Somewhere in the world it's a sunny day...

So we had a little bit of a false springtime around here last week as spring dealt a devastating hit to winter. But now winter has struck a desperate blow in its fight to stay around. Old Man Winter dumped close to a foot of snow on us in an effort to surge back.

But there is something that tired old man just can't help. Spring is younger and stronger, and he's getting ready to deliver a knockout punch. Even now as we are buried in snow the days are sunny and bright. Winter would never have let this happen in his younger days. Poor old man. Some of us will miss him. But spring sure is a charismatic sort; enough to make us all forget that cold windbag.

But winter and spring really go hand in hand. We have had a lot of snow around here this year. To many people that is not such a fun experience. Cars getting constantly stuck. Our pants getting soaking wet and bone-chillingly cold after having to wade through that deep white mass. But there is a benefit to all of that snow.

When the snow melts, much of it seeps into the ground. It lays frozen there until springtime when the warm weather thaws it and it begins to seep to the surface as water. On our planet water is life. And spring is the season that is universally associated with new life. All of that water from the winter snow is the main ingredient that nourishes that life. Winter knew exactly what it was doing.

Soon there will be butterflies and frogs out enjoying the warmth of spring, and of course all of that wonderful water that we all agree tastes so good. There will be animals, flowers, and baseball for us to enjoy. But try to remember who made it all possible. Old Man Winter, we will miss you.


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