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Casey Fiedler owns and operates the Adventure Lifestyle Blog. He created it while he was working as a naturalist at a Nature Day Camp. He is enthusiastic about most outdoor adventures, including hiking and kayaking. He is a rock climber as well as a blacksmith and woodworker. Casey's hero is Les Stroud who is well known to many of

us as Survivorman. That is where Casey got his interest in wilderness survival.

Casey realizes that adventure comes in many guises. He knows that the way our ancestors lived was much more natural than the way we live now and at the same time, it is not practical in the modern world to be exactly like them. So what he proposes is that we try to include some adventure in our lives. He does suggest the extreme of dropping out of "normal" society and living off the land. But there are life changing adventures that can fill the bill just as well. For instance he tells of a man who moved from Holland to China at the age of 18. The man had $500 which kept him going for two months in China. He went there because he wanted to learn Kung-Fu. He now speaks fluent Mandarin and married a woman from a Hill Tribe. He is also making a good living teaching Kung-Fu in the United States.

Casey is fond of fictional adventures too. He feels that swords, guns, wizards, and magic are more exciting than his everyday world. In order to experience some more exciting days, Casey offers a few suggestions. I won't list them all. You can read them yourself. They range from being a spy to watching the sunset from your porch. I found them all intriguing.

Being able to find a place to spend time outdoors is sometimes a problem. Like several of our readers, Casey is from Michigan, specifically the Lansing area. He knows of many places in Michigan but says there are few close to home. A lot of people aren't aware of places near them for enjoying nature. Perhaps a few readers have some suggestions. My front yard is a good place to start. I know Casey is looking for something a little more challenging. Anyone?

In the winter with a lot of snow it can be difficult to go backpacking. For hikers, Casey has a wonderful way to keep yourself in good physical condition until you are able to get back to your trails. He recommends a treadmill. If you are going to use a backpack, you need to wear your pack with all the items you will be carrying. What an ingenious idea.

Adventure Lifestyle Blog is fun and full of good ideas. There are links to other sites that are full of information. There are tips about equipment. Casey also feels that blogging should be interactive and he welcomes comments. So after you have a good time looking through his blog, leave him a nice comment and tell him Emma sent you. You'll be glad you did. His link is below.

Adventure Lifestyle Blog

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