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Last year we discovered so many new and interesting blogs about nature. I thought it would be fitting to check on them to see how they are doing. It will also be a good way to remind us to visit both old and new friends. I believe this will be fun. I have certainly had a good time bringing them to your attention.

Before we look at this last list for 2010 sites, I remind you that I love to examine new sites related to nature. If you have a favorite or if you would like to have us take a look at your own site, there is a link below to contact Nature Center Magazine. I want to continue spotlighting some of the best nature blogs for all of us to enjoy.

My Quality Day is written by Joan who most of us know fondly as Sharkbytes. Joan is the first woman to hike the entire North Country National Scenic Trail. She also helps maintain trails in Michigan where she lives. After trekking the 4,600 miles of the trail you would think she would sit back and relax. Not Sharkbytes. She still has a very active outdoor life as well as writing this blog and several others. She has also contributed to Nature Center Magazine. Busy lady. And I admire her so.

Country Mouse Studio is written by Carol who is an artist. She makes such lovely nature drawings and they are for sale. Carol also takes pictures and has marvelous tales to tell. Country Mouse is a delightful site. She is one of the first to take a look at new sites when we feature them.

Slugyard is a good example of my view on nature. Mike writes about things that he sees in his own backyard. He sometimes strays a little farther, but he firmly believes you have to look no further than out your window or door to enjoy the wonders of our world. Good reading.

Silver Lining by Mary McAvoy is becoming more entertaining all the time. Mary moved to her area because of her health and has made the most of the beauty she finds there. She has lovely pictures to share. You simply must read a recent post about the total eclipse she viewed. She even has photos so you can see it too.

Wiseacre Gardens is one of those sites that is so much fun that you don't realize you are learning something. Besides taking outstanding pictures of anything in nature that catches his eye, Wiseacre works with stone. He collects huge, and I do mean huge, slabs of stone to decorate his yard and yards of others. His poor truck must have worn out springs. Wiseacre has recently become enamored of He can explain it better than I can. And as he says, you can always say you got there by mistake. Wiseacre has also been a contributor to Nature Center Magazine.

Life at the Blue Rock Ranch is written by Nancy about her life at Blue Rock Ranch. She is known as tagnrocky which is named after her first two horses. Nancy lives with her horses, dogs, cats, and all the various animals one finds in the country. She takes fantastic pictures to show us what is going on in her world. One of her recent posts shows a few places that animals use to protect themselves when it's cold.

A Year With the Trees is a novel idea. The author is Rebecca who blogs about a tree each day of the year. If for instance she chose a juniper tree for today, she will tell us all about it. Then she will do the same for each season, making four posts about this juniper tree. Tomorrow she will choose another tree. Rebecca is a naturalist and a chemist. Along with her trees, Rebecca has inspirational quotes all through her blog.

The House and Other Arctic Musings is written by Clare. He has an interesting past including his time as a member of the Canadian Mounted Police. When he retired after 24 years, he relocated to the Arctic Bay. Currently, his world is in its long, long nights period so we see a lot of pictures of his shadowy world. He's had a few travel adventures recently too.

Natural, Scientific and Medical Wonders is a blog about many things. Cosmos is a doctor who writes about his observances of life. He is interested in all things that pertain to nature throughout the universe. Cosmos understands that medicine, nature, and science are all intertwined. You will like his insights.

GeoCache: I'm NOT Obsessed... Right? is about a fairly new nature activity. Andy Smith tells us about how geocaching works and his experiences. He has some pretty impressive statistics. For instance, Pete the Parrot is one of Andy's travel bugs. Pete has logged more than 23,000 miles. To learn what that means, you will just have to read the blog. You might want to try your hand at it.

English Wilderness is the offering of John Metcalf. He explores the countryside in the UK and takes some provocative pictures to share with us. He is especially happy when he finds one of the many little caves that are there. He is a man of few words, but his pictures tell those thousand words.

Beruang Rebus is mostly about bears. They are fascinating subjects. Occasionally other animals are featured, but it is mostly bears. Unfortunately, after this site was the Nature Site of the Week there were only two more posts. They were both advertisements. I'm hoping it is because of the weather and the bears are hibernating.

MOBugs is written by Shelly about the insects found in Missouri. She lives on a farm and takes her camera out when she goes so she can get the wonderful pictures she shares with us. Shelly works for the Missouri Department of Coservation. One of her duties is teaching children about nature and conservation.

My Choice--Walking Through Nature is written by Rose Ragai. She is a nature lover who loves being in the jungles of Malaysia. She is lucky enough to have held a variety of positions that have allowed her to be out in the jungle. She has such a large amount of knowledge and shares it with us. When you look at her pictures and read her articles, you will see her genuine love of nature.

Donegal Wildlife is about nature in Ireland. Stuart Dunlop is the author who takes us on a tour around his home. Pictures take your breath away and he has a running dialog about all the things he shows us. By the way, the header picture for his blog is the scene he sees every morning from his bedroom window.

The Rural Path is written by Knapperbill. He is a technology teacher who takes every opportunity offered to be out in nature. He stops for turtles by the side of the road and searches for them in ponds. Truly every opportunity. The most fascinating thing he does is saving animal pellets and dissecting them to learn more about the animals he finds. He's an interesting guy.

Weedpicker's Journal is from Cheryl, employed in the fields of education and ecotourism. Besides giving us some great pictures of her area and its wildlife, she teaches about things like clean water and bird counts. These are important subjects to help measure the quality of our world. Very informative site.

The Violet Fern is about nature in upstate New York. VF has become obsessed with gardening. To keep from driving her husband and friends crazy, she started her blog to share her gardening thoughts. She has some tips for gardeners and tells us of some of the things she hopes to include in the future. She has a lot of room to fill so she will be busy for quite some time.

Photography By Ginny is written by Ginnymo. Ginnymo has created a safe haven for creatures of all kinds right outside her window. They seem to know how much she cares about them and they visit often. Ginny takes pictures of her wild little pets and shares them with us. I am not sure how she gets such good pictures from her window. Such a nice variety.

That completes the list. We had a great year and made some wonderful friends. I hope 2011 will be as fruitful. If you missed some of these sites or lost track of them, please visit them. I know you will be pleased. Leave them a nice comment before you move to the next site. Everyone likes to know they are appreciated. Tell them Emma sent you.

Do you write a nature website or blog, or know of one, that you would like to introduce to our readers? Send me the information and I might feature it in one of my next reviews. Click here to find out how: Feature My Nature Site.


  1. I have been through all of these and read a few regularly. It is fun to get a review of new places to go, you never know what you are missing out on.


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