Sites May Come, Sites May Go, We Begin

Last year we discovered so many new and interesting blogs about nature. I thought it would be fitting to check on them to see how they are doing. It will also be a good way to remind us to visit both old and new friends. I believe this will be fun. I have certainly had a good time bringing them to your attention.

Before we begin, I remind you that I love to examine new sites related to nature. If you have a favorite or if you would like to have us take a look at your own site, there is a link below to contact Nature Center Magazine. I want to continue spotlighting some of the best nature blogs for all of us to enjoy.

The Everyday Adventurer is the first Nature Site of the Week. It was only fitting since Ratty, the author, is also our fearless leader here at Nature Center Magazine. Ratty is still bringing us tales of his daily adventures near his home in Michigan. Unfortunately, he was seriously injured in an auto accident in the fall and has had to temporarily reduce his posting. He is slowly returning to us, however, and posting a little more often. I predict more of his discoveries and humor in the future.

Zoo Kawaii is a marvelous site, especially for children. Fun education is the theme of the site. The bad news is that there was one post made after they were Nature Site of the Week. I don't know what happened to them. The site is still open and is still a good one for the kids.

The Jack Mountain Bushcraft Blog is still going strong. The author of the site and, coincidentally, the founder of the Jack Mountain Bushcraft school is Tim Smith. He teaches outdoor survival and appreciation for nature. He has had a busy year. The site is an eye-opener to a lot of people who would like to return to a more natural way of living.

Musing on Beaver Creek Marsh is still entertaining us with stories and pictures of this serene spot. Jackie and Michael are still loving the place they have chosen to live. The photos alone make this a worthwhile site. Stories and poems are an additional source of pleasure.

Stokes Birding Blog is one of those sites you feel fortunate to find. Don and Lillian Stokes are birders of the highest degree. Their field guides are must-haves for most birders. On their website they share knowledge and experiences with us. Pictures and descriptions about identification are invaluable.

Live and Feel is another site that is not currently active. It deals with the use of plants as a natural way to stay healthy. The list of plants and their medicinal properties are still there. I find it a helpful resource to a more natural way of living.

The Joy of Bird Watching and Living a Simple Life is written by Jean, one of my favorite Southern Belles. Jean lives in her cozy camper and has a close-up view of her birds. She has pictures and stories about them for us. She recently decided to quit smoking. Congratulations are in order. You may also see an occasional animal that is not a bird. Jean's favorite of these is her granddaughter.

Out On the Prairie is a mixture of pictures, descriptions of life today on the prairie, and stories about prairie life in pioneer times. Being from the same part of the country as Steve, I so enjoy the pictures. But his stories about early prairie life are captivating looks into the "way it was". Steve is also a regular contributor to Nature Center Magazine. Watch for him here too.

Cornell Mushroom Blog deals with fungus. While that may sound disgusting to some, it is so educational. A lot of the fungus is really quite beautiful. This blog tells us about fungus for medicinal uses, for eating, and, of course, some of the parasitic and disease causing varieties as well. Very interesting.

My Journey by rainfield61 is such an entertaining place to visit. Rainfield loves to hike through the forest of his beloved Cerok Tokun. The things he discovers there are always interesting. It might be animal, vegetable or mineral. He might even have Alice from Wonderland as a guest. Always a delightful post.

Generation Z, Cruising in an RV is inspirational to me. Carol and Bill retired and decided to see the world. They have an RV and go where they want to go next. They keep us updated on their adventures through the blog. What adventures they have had! They are living and enjoying life and seeing some beautiful things as they travel. And they are nice enough to share with tales and gorgeous pictures.

Nature Finder is written by Wayne, a naturalist with a great deal of knowledge. He posted once more after he was Nature Site of the Week. It was about his safari to Kenya and snorkeling in Zanzibar. Hopefully he made it home. I guess if he was eaten by a lion, he would have told us.

Anza Borrego is about Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Bob has been instrumental in keeping this state park from being closed. I really enjoy reading his stories about his family's trips and camping stays in the park. I have to admit that his Thanksgiving post for 2010 disappointed me a bit. It seems as if they try new ways of cooking their turkey each year on their annual Thanksgiving camping trip. This year's post was short, sweet, and minus any menu.

The Retirement Chronicles is still showing us those marvelous pictures. There are nature scenes, birds, animals... the sights of nature. The eye-catching slide show is gone, but the page loads much more quickly. The Retired One is having an amateur photo contest right now. Maybe you will win.

Naturally Beautiful is written by young at heart Radha. She sees the beauty in nature and photographs as much of it as she can. The fishtail palm pictures that she just posted are fantastic. I don't believe I have ever seen these trees before.

The Human Footprint is from Leslie. She tells her love of her Wyoming home with pictures and stories. Recently she shared with us how she came to Wyoming and why she decided to make it her home. It's a heartwarming tale.

Bug Shots is written by Darren who loves macro-photography. What a stroke of luck for us, because Darren takes the most wonderful pictures of little creatures. You don't realize how beautiful some of these insects are until you can see them up close. Nature is truly a beauteous place.

This has become quite long and I'm nowhere near to being finished. I hope you don't mind if I continue this next week. If you missed some of these sites or lost track of them, please visit them. I know you will be pleased. Leave them a nice comment before you move to the next site. Everyone likes to know they are appreciated. Tell them Emma sent you.

Do you write a nature website or blog, or know of one, that you would like to introduce to our readers? Send me the information and I might feature it in one of my next reviews. Click here to find out how: Feature My Nature Site.


  1. I have joined a number of blogs from your recommendations.

  2. To Out on the Prairie,
    I know you have. I see your insightful comments often. Each of the blogs has something unique to share with us. As long as we continue to open ourselves to new experiences, we will continue to learn and grow. Thanks to you and all the people who have been kind enough to read Nature Site of the Week and then go on to look at the sites featured.

  3. Only Nature lover have the passion the go back to the Nature every week.

  4. Wonderful list, and I will go check out some! Thanks..

  5. Thanks so much for the shout out for my blog...I love taking nature photographs and feel so blessed to have 369 Followers now and growing...You are so sweet to draw attention to all the wonderful nature sites out there...and may I applaud you on YOUR blog is just wonderful!!!

  6. Thank you all for the kind comments. This is a labor of love for me. I have learned so much and been so entertained.

  7. Awww...thanks for the very kind and thoughtful mention of my humble blog. I'm still smoke-free!

    This is a great article!


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