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It's time to explore Ohio. I was surprised to see that we have been to so many states already. It seems like no time at all since we started our adventures. I guess it's true what they say about time flying when you're having fun. The weather is staying steady here. My horse is taken care of. I have a nice warm fire too. Anyway, I have snacks and drinks ready. And I have my travel guide for Ohio and computer links right here. So away we go.

Ohio takes its nickname, the Buckeye State, from its state tree, the buckeye. The state gemstone is flint and the state reptile is the black racer snake. Ohio, the 17th state, was home to eight of the presidents of the United States. All but one of those was born here. Interestingly enough the state rock song is "Hang On Sloopy". Ohio is also known as the Roller Coaster Capitol of the world because of the number of record breaking amusement park rides in this state. Cedar Point and King's Island are probably the most well-known of these parks.

Firefly Hollow uses an interesting method for bird watching and seeing the scenery. They call it Wild Wheels. You can use Segways to travel through the trails. Some people who miss being able to experience nature because of physical limitations might find this to be a way to enjoy themselves. Make sure you take your camera.

Ohio parks offer a wide variety of activities. The waterfalls at Cuyahoga Valley National Park are beautiful all year round. John Bryan State Park has rock climbing and rappelling. It also has a wide array of wild flowers and wildlife. If you check the parks, you will find places for hiking, horseback riding, water sports, and winter fun too.

A fun family project can be found at Stratford Ecological Center. Each month they take up to six families to experience farm life. Participants do daily farm chores like feeding livestock and milking. Farm life can really bring a family together.

The Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens will give fauna fans a treat. Ice skating in the winter and different types of plants for each season give flower lovers something all during the year. There are even picnic areas so you don't have to interrupt your meanderings through the flowers.

Serpent Mount is a great sight to see. This giant serpent is slithering over the hills of southeastern Ohio. At its open mouth is an oval object that it seems ready to swallow. It is believed to have been constructed around 1,000 A.D. There are several theories about its meaning. If you read the legends you can form your own opinion.

So there we have a few ideas for exploring Ohio. There are links below for you to find a few destinations of your own. Let me know what you did when you get back. While I'm waiting to hear from you, I'm going to look for the coal mine fire that has been burning for over 100 years. Then I'm going to visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.


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  1. very interesting, Firefly Hollow is a great idea, I know so many people who would love to get out but can't do the walk

  2. I agree, Country Mouse. Sometimes my old knees make it very difficult to get about. Some days I think a Segway would be helpful.


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