Weedpicker's Journal

Cheryl Harner has extended her love for plants and animals and all the connections between them to her blog. Weedpicker's Journal is written by Cheryl in Ohio where she lives and is employed in the fields of education and ecotourism. Being outdoors is her favorite pasttime and she happily shares it with us.

I was fascinated to find that certain insects are bioindicators of water quality. She has a marvelous picture of a common stonefly larva. Cheryl says that ecologists often test for "EPT" when looking for "clean" water. E is ephemeroptera also known as mayflies, P is plecoptera or stoneflies, and T is for trichoptera which are caddisflies. So when you are inundated by mayflies, be thankful that there is good clean water nearby.

A gorgeous splash of bright red greets me on this page. It is a cardinal flower. According to Cheryl, these flowers are usually found in high quality, wet woods. You can grow these flowers yourself if you give them plenty of water. She took the pictures at Gilliom-Cherp Nature Park in Ohio.

One day Cheryl went birding with several other people. They spotted a red-shouldered hawk and Cheryl's friend Dane Adams captured some exciting photos. The hawk is perched at the top of a tree then takes off in flight. Different poses of this bird in flight are awe-inspiring.

When Cheryl went to Zion National Park in Utah, she was hoping to spot a water ouzel which is also called an American Dipper. She treats us to some spectacular scenery before she finds her ouzel. She even has a video to show us the way this bird dips into the water to feed on aquatic insects and invertebrates. Fascinating.

Weedpicker's Journal is so full of great pictures and descriptions of the subjects of those pictures. The love of nature definitely shows in each post. I had so much fun reading each one. Please take a look for yourself. When you are finished, leave Cheryl a nice comment and tell her Emma sent you. Her Link is below.

Weedpicker's Journal

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