The Violet Fern

The Violet Fern is written by a female in Northern New York. She chooses to be anonymous. I understand and respect her wishes so I will refer to her as VF in this post. VF's grandmother's name was Violet and the blog is named for her. VF loves being outside so much that she had her cable turned off and she spends all her spare time enjoying what is outdoors.

VF has become an obsessive gardener. Her husband endures her fanaticism and she tries hard to not drive her friends crazy with it. But she needs to share and that is our bonus. She decided to write a blog about her gardening. She and her husband moved into their home about three years ago. It has an L-shaped yard with no trees that needed to be landscaped. So we will read with interest as she decides how to make her yard the yard she wants it to be.

When the weather is cold outside, VF manages to keep her garden going by having some blooms inside. She has African violets including one that belonged to her husband's grandmother. She also has a lovely Poinsettia. She has another "bloom" to show us. Mojo is her newest friend as shown in an adorable phot.

One of the first things VF needed was to plant a pollinator garden to attract the birds, bees, and insects that move pollen from one plant to another in the fertilization process. Honeysuckle, joe-pye weed, golden rod, and swamp milkweed are just a few of those she mentions. So VF is beginning her garden with some of these plants.

It's time to enjoy some of the vegetables from the garden. VF has some carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, garlic, basil, and tomatoes. The picture of the carrots' ferny leaves is just lovely. All the produce looks absolutely yummy. It makes my mouth water even as I write.

VF has constructed her very own hypertufa trough for planting mosses. Her mother had these planters and VF wanted her own. She explains that mosses are like living sponges and that there are basically two types; clumpers or ball mosses. She not only gives a little lesson on mosses but she tells us how she gathered hers. I was especially interested in her recipe for blending the moss to cover larger areas.

It has been a pleasure reading about VF's addiction to gardening. It seems her passion is growing as she goes. There are some wonderful pictures scattered throughout. If you like plants, please read The Violet Fern. Then leave VF a nice comment and tell her Emma sent you. Her link is below.

The Violet Fern

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