Photography By Ginny

Ginnymo, who writes Photography By Ginny, is a remarkable woman who is a survivor of polio and is now dealing with cancer. But are those the things she dwells on? Absolutely not. She takes beautiful pictures of the birds and animals that visit her backyard and shares them with us. Because of her limited mobility, she doesn't go

out much, but her little animal friends have been loyal. They go up to her window and poke their noses up at her as if to say, "Hi." From chipmunks to foxes they seem to recognize that she loves them all. What an assortment she has. She takes her photos from her window and it is amazing the variety she offers.

She has some great shots of opossums. One of the first she shares shows a cold little guy digging in the snow to find some of the nuts Ginnymo left for the squirrels. Ginny feels sorry for him with his feet and nose red from the cold.

Skunks are regular guests at Ginnymo's backyard restaurant. Most of us think of the Pepe Lepew type of skunk. You know the look,,, black with a white stripe down the middle of its back. Ginnymo has white skunks with black stripes. They are completely gorgeous. Take a look at how many there are. They do love her backyard deli.

One post shows us a pretty gray fox. It looks like you could just pet it. Of course we all know better, but the thought is there. Ginnymo also has a lot birds stop by. On this day she took pictures of a cardinal and a woodpecker too.

In the middle of the winter Ginnymo shared a few pictures of the moon in the cold night sky. Brrr! There is also a squirrel collecting snow on himself as he searches for something to eat. She has pictures of a variety of birds here too. See how many you can identify.

Christmas has come and gone this year. Ginnymo is still taking pictures. Today there are cardinals and goldfinches. It seems as if there are dozens of these birds lunching at Ginnymo's feeder.

Photography By Ginny is mostly pictures with a smattering of commentary. This makes it easy to browse through her site and view all the lovely pictures. There are so many of them and there is not a dud in the bunch. So visit Ginnymo and her critters. You will come away feeling good. Please leave Ginnymo a nice comment before you leave and tell her Emma sent you. Her link is below.

Photography By Ginny

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  1. wow she has some amazing pictures over there. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful site.

  2. Photography By Ginny is one of the most deserving sites of all. I'm glad the site is finally on this list.

  3. I love her photos, she has the most wonderful fox and chipmunk ones too

  4. Wow! I didn't even know I was featured here!! Thanks so much for the nice article Emma!! I haven't gotten any new photos the past couple days. I'm waiting for some snow so the deer will come around again. I love them! And I don't catch the foxes much because they are only here after dark and very elusive, although I do see them outside my window. I don't want to scare them by opening the window so I just observe them from behind my dark window. They are so beautiful. Have a very happy New Year everyone and thanks so much for the comments.

  5. Wonderful site. Amazing photographs considering they are right outside her window. WOW!!!


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