It's Christmas!

Those of us who celebrate Christmas are overjoyed that Christmas is almost here. Almost all people have a celebration at this time of year, so to those who follow another tradition, I hope it will be a joyous time and that you will be with your families and friends for your holiday. Merry Christmas to all! I love a time of year that reminds

us to stop and tell our loved ones that we do love them. Too often we put it off until "later".

Our site for this week is Santa Claus' Christmas Blog. It has little to do with nature and everything to do with Christmas, my favorite holiday. It is sort of a newsy blog about the happenings at the North Pole. For instance, a recent post tells us about The World Christmas Parade. Elves from all over the world strut their stuff. The elves from Australia pretended to be on their beach. They wore bikinis and even tried to do some surfing. Girl elves from Sweden wore white costumes and crowns made of candles. Norwegian elves made lutefisk and then tried to find someone who would eat it. Caribbean elves performed a Junkanoo Carnival.

Have you been good this year? We all know about Santa's Naughty and Nice List. You can check to see which you are. If you have been especially nice you might even get a special certificate. By the way, I received a certificate. I've been very good.

I found out the reason Santa comes down the chimney too. He says it's the fastest way. However, he does have an amusing story about another way to get into the house that one of the elves "invented". You have to read it... I can't even imagine.

There are jokes here too. Elf jokes and reindeer Christmas songs are fun. Bee Fish Ewe A Furry Cat Mouse is a funny song. If 11 elves were working in the workshop and another elf came in, what would you call her? A Twelf. Ho, ho, ho.

If you need to contact Santa, you will find his address and phone number here. The elves set up a special web page for Santa a few years ago. And there are phone numbers for different countries. The Jolly Old Elf himself reminds children that they need to have permission from an adult to use these connections. He also has a list of Internet Safety Rules so our little ones will be safe.

I love this site. There are games, stories, and Christmas information. Also, you can track Santa all year, not just Christmas Eve. The link is below. I know Santa Claus wants to hear from everyone, so leave him a nice comment or better yet, send him your wish list. Please tell him Emma sent you. I may not be able to be quite as good next year and I can use all the help I can get. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Santa Claus' Christmas Blog

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  1. Christmas does have a magical feel to it. That must be why it's the most wonderful time of the year. Have a very Merry Christmas

  2. Thank you for your kind words Emma. The elves at emailSanta were thrilled and tickled. Of course, they still won't get you any brownie points toward next year's Nice List. Merry Christmas! 0<;-)}}}


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