Dangerous Nature

Having a nature adventure can be one of the most enjoyable activities that anyone can have. But the first thing to remember is to be careful out there. Whether you go on a hike deep in the wilderness, or you just take a walk in the woods near your house, there are always more than a few dangers that can be stumbled across.

I'm not trying to scare any of you off from going out and enjoying yourselves in the great outdoors, but you should know what you're getting yourself into before you decide to walk out your door and into the forest. As long as you know about the dangers, you can have an excellent time.

I'm sure by now you have noticed the picture of the deer at the beginning of this article. That deer came up to me one morning when I was out hiking in the fog. It wasn't exactly trying to make friends with me when it saw me out there. It came running up in an aggressive manner, trying to frighten me away. I knew that I was in danger, but I also knew what level of danger it was.

The deer was only bluffing as long as I didn't make the wrong move. If I would have run from it when I saw it coming, it might have gotten brave and chased me. If I would have reacted in an aggressive manner myself, the deer may have felt challenged enough to fight back. So I just stayed calm and stood my ground, so the deer stopped about ten feet away and decided the fight wasn't worth it.

So you see, even an animal that we consider harmless, like a deer, can be a threat. But if we react the right way though, the threat is almost always neutralized. In the end, the deer gave me several good photos. It turned out to be a very good encounter.

There are many other animals that can be dangerous, even before we see them. The snake in this next picture is a mostly harmless garter snake. But there are also rattlesnakes at some places where I go. I have forgotten the number of times I have come close to stepping on a snake because I didn't see it soon enough.

Snakes like to warm themselves in the sun in the mornings. So they will slither out onto a walking trail where the sun is most effective. If you and the snake both don't pay enough attention, you might just step on the poor thing. And the first reaction of any animal to something like that is to protect itself by biting.

It's not only snakes that might bite. The most aggressive animals I've ever seen have been squirrels. Those mischievous little critters can get very ornery. And even a rabbit has teeth. So any animal can be dangerous if you get too close. So keeping your distance from any wild animal can neutralize the danger.

And it's not only animals that can be dangerous. Many types of plant can cause you harm. One of the plants in the next picture is poison ivy. Touch it and you will have a very bad reaction. Your skin can turn red and blistered, which hurts and itches. Not fun at all.

There are many other types of poisonous plants. The type depends on the area where you live. Again, the thing to do is stay away. This works just like with wild animals. The only difference is that the plants always stay in one place.

Now, after I have given you a few horrors, I will give you something positive. If you are careful and watch what you are doing, keep your distance from strange plants and animals, and prepare yourself before you visit nature, you will have a good safe time. Just use some common sense. And don't touch anything! Remembering your level of experience should always remain your best guide.

Nature can be very dangerous. But if you are careful, it is no more dangerous than walking from your living room to your kitchen. It's all up to you.


  1. I can feel the cold of winter..

    I can see the white winter...

    The dangers won't be around for a moment.

  2. I always take along my walking stick for protection when walking in the woods.


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