On Death Row

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Montrose. Emma was kind enough to lend me her forum this week so that I can issue my appeal to you. I am currently on Death Row and I have not committed a crime. I realize that "they all say that", but please read further and you will see that I am innocent.

My life has been a good one until now. I was given the very best care. I ate the finest foods and I always had plenty to eat. In short I was treated as if I were meant for special things. My mother always told me that I was the best looking of all her offspring. She was so proud. I suppose it was inevitable that the pampering would go to my head. I strutted around so proudly. I felt as if I could do nothing wrong. So what happened, you wonder?

About three days ago, I was captured and caged like a common criminal. I have been poked and prodded and ogled. I had no trial. I was sentenced to death. I am scheduled to be beheaded in two days. Why? What did I do to deserve this?

Do I look like a hardened Criminal? I say an emphatic NO! Unless I can get a reprieve, I will be gone in two days. My only hope is that I will have made life a little better for someone. Please remember me in two days. Perhaps you can think of me as an important slice of your day.




  1. looks really tasty, my favorite part is the stuffing

  2. I hate to be unsympathetic to your plight but I enjoy my turkey on Thanksgiving :)
    Loved this by the way, too clever

  3. I am so terribly sorry Dear friend you didn´t deserve this abrupt end to your life.

    Some months ago I became a vegetarian. I have eaten meat all my life and liked it.However, when I asked myself this question,I started to see individuals behind my meal and it didn´t seem so tasty anymore.
    "Coralie (that´s my name) Do you like animals? My answer "Yes I do"
    "Then why do you eat them"? That was when I realised that I don´t want to eat my friends"

    Factory Farm animals live terrible lives because we crave more and cheaper food.

    If you love nature, surely you don´t want farm animals to suffer the way they do while living and when they are slaughtered.

    I don´t think most people are cruel or should be vegetarians, but I do think we need to understand and become aware of terrible animal suffering and set a stop for it.

    When we allow animal cruelty we are opening up for more acts of cruelty in the World, is that what we really want?
    "The Greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated".
    Mahatma Gandi (18691948)

    Please visit my blog and learn more about Turkeys and other animals raised for food consumption.

    Thank you and take care!


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