MY CHOICE--Walking Through Nature

MY CHOICE -- Walking Through Nature is written by Rose Ragai. Rose is a young woman from Sabah, Malaysia and she has a wealth of information about plants and animals, especially those in her part of the world. Rose created her blog to share her knowledge and love of nature with all of us. Until recently she did scientific

research about both plants and animals in the jungle. She now is working with communities and young people to teach them about nature. Rose thinks human animals may be the most difficult she has had to deal with, but I am sure she is successful in teaching them to love and understand nature as she does.

Rose's very first post tells us a little about her childhood and how her love of animals has always been a part of her. Moving on to her schooling, we find that Rose almost decided not to take a course in Conservation Biology. It was partly because she felt her science classes were not her strong point and also because she wasn't sure what the course was about. After she graduated with honors, Rose held several jobs that had nothing to do with her chosen field. She needed work and was not able to find work that she was happy with. Finally, she gets a position , not only in her field but with a person she had admired as an expert in this field.

Sadly, there is violence in the world of nature. Rose reports about the government Forestry Department having to hire paramilitary police to help guard throughout the Ulu Segama Forest Reserve. Poachers are a problem. They hunt and kill animals like clouded leopards, deer, and elephants. These poachers had become so bold that they attacked a base camp with machetes, Samari swords, brass knuckles, Rambo knives, and hockey sticks. They damaged vehicles and stole food from the camp. Worst of all one Forestry Officer was severely injured.

The Rufous-Collared Kingfisher is a gorgeous bird. It lives in the Sundaic Lowlands. It is mostly found in the closed-canopy forest but can live in a regenerating logged forest. Because of illegal logging and land conversion, these beautiful birds are Near Threatened.

Rose captured a good picture of a crab while out during a workshop with the children. It does not look anything like any crabs I have ever seen so I am fascinated.

Mr Spotted Stream Frog is a friend of Rose's. Actually, he is a lovely frog that she has some very good pictures to show.

Rose knows so much about nature in her part of the world. Ratty speaks highly of her and her accomplishments. She has done field work by going out into various villages to help with various needs and try to see that they are living with nature. Many of these villages speak different languages and dialects, so it was not always easy for her to communicate with them. But she bravely went out and made a difference in her portion of the world. She is a good example for all of us. She has a lot to teach us in her blog too. Please go and read through her blog. You will be astounded by her knowledge. When you have finished, leave Rose a comment and tell her Emma sent you. Her link is below.

MY CHOICE-- Walking Through Nature

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