The Screaming Frog

Most of us know that frogs make a croaking sound, or they say, "Ribbit!" But did you know that some frogs can actually scream? Yes, they do indeed! I never knew this until I found this video of a screaming frog. I also found out is is a common thing for some frogs. But wehy do they do it? I'll explain right before we watch the video.

It seems that the frogs I've seen in this and other videos let out a shrill screaming sound whenever they feel as if they are being threatened by any other creature. Humans like to do the same thing, and it is a very good defense sometimes. The frog in this video is not harmed, and this is not a trick. Now let's watch the video to find out what a screaming frog sounds like.

This video was uploaded to YouTube on January 19, 2007 by thescreamingfrog. You can go here to see it on YouTube, but it's more fun to watch it right here at Nature Center Magazine. There are also many more links to videos of screaming frogs on the side of the YouTube page. So you may want to visit there after you watch the video below.

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  1. Got the dog barking here. Next time you are in a sporting goods store,check out a predator call,it is a screaming rabbit.I kind of like the frog version better, maybe train it as a guard frog.

  2. That's amazing, my grandson wants to know what kind of frog is that and where is it. Anyone know?

  3. I knew frogs screamed- unfortunately. My cats used to find them in the garden and play with them. It was horrible. It was such a terrifying sound (and the frog sounded absolutely scared to death) that it would make us run outside and rescue the frog from the cats. I found out the nasty way :/

  4. oh my gosh I've never heard of a screaming frog. That is just amazing. Had I not watched the video I never would have believed it.


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