Natural, Scientific and Medical Wonders

Natural, Scientific and Medical Wonders is written by Cosmos. He writes this blog for us to read about and view the wonders in nature, science and medicine. Cosmos is a doctor who lives in India. He is interested in the wonders of the universe. Each post is different from the last post because he has such a broad view of what nature offers.

A common chameleon is the focus of one article. Cosmos calls the chameleon a turncoat because of its ability to change colors to blend with its surroundings. There is actually a short biology lesson here that my high school biology teacher would be very happy with. The picture of the chameleon is beautiful.

The story of the wonderful peacock flower tree begins with a schoolboy's memory. One of the things he remembers is that it was rare to see the tree when he was a child but through time it is becoming more and more plentiful. One of the reasons for that is because Cosmos is selling the seeds!

Next is the soap-nut tree. The fruits of this tree are used in making shampoo. They also have contraceptive and anti-migraine chemicals.

Now, Cosmos is not content with our world alone. He has a marvelous picture of the Leonid Meteor Showers. He speaks of watching for shooting stars as a child. I had never heard that one must immediately look for a green tree but I will remember.

As I began reading through this site from the beginning, I have seen Cosmos become more comfortable sharing his thoughts with us and I am glad of that. He has the knowledge of a scientist and the soul of a philosopher. There are so many topics covered here and I could not introduce you to all of them. Obviously, Cosmos is interested in a wide variety of subjects and he uses the word wonder in each post. He really feels the wonder that nature gives us. Take some time to enjoy the older posts as well as the new ones. Then leave Cosmos a nice comment and tell him Emma sent you. His link is below.

Natural, Scientific and Medical Wonders

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  1. I will check this blog out, looks very interesting.

  2. Very nice and informed blogger! I'd definitely recommend following this blog!

  3. I see here my blog posts mirrored and recommended. Thanks for it. Track my blog for more such wonders!

  4. Wow, Astonishing facts !

    This blogger wouldn't miss anything in this universe, it seems !

    He wonders about "Shrubs, Trees, Flowers, Seeds, Chemicals, Astrology, Worms, Fishes, Insects, Reptiles, Birds, Techniques,......& Lot more"

    Nothing as compilation from other Internet-Sites.

    All from his own EXPERIENCE...

    Anxiously waiting for his next interesting posts


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