Are you just about ready to travel to Mississippi? It seems like I've wanted to explore this state for weeks now. It has been weeks you say? Well then let's plan a trip. Of course I have all the usual materials to make my mouth water over all the sights to see and things to do. The Adventure Guide is a book that lists outdoor activities available. There is a short description of each activity and each place where it is

offered but it is really a treasure of information for nature lovers. Make sure to order it when you order your travel guide. It's my favorite reference piece so far. Anyway, we are off to Mississippi.

Mississippi is the 20th state. The state bird is the mocking bird and the state tree is the magnolia.Tupelo is the birthplace of Elvis Presley, but Rolling Rock is the birthplace of the teddy bear. In 1902 President Theodore Roosevelt was on a hunting trip there and spared the life of a black bear. Tradition has it that his act was the inspiration for the teddy bear, one of the most loved children's toys.

One way to see Mississippi is on horseback. There are many riding trails and many places to provide the horses for you to ride. If you choose to ride through Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo, you can see areas not available to other people. Some ranches give riding lessons and, if you're interested, you can even learn to barrel race. Or maybe you'd like a leisurely carriage ride through the Historic District of Natchez. After the ride you can have a meal of catfish and hush puppies.

Some of the most fierce battles of the Civil War were fought in Mississippi. You will find cemeteries, museums, battlefields, and camp sites all over. There are also homes lived in by major historical figures of that time. For anybody who hasn't tried it, a walk through any cemetery is very calming and can be educational too. And you never know what kinds if wildlife you'll come across.

Biking trails are good exercise and you can see nature while you're riding. A 3 1/2 mile trail takes you near the home of William Faulkner and though the woods there. Or you can go camping at Tishomingo State Park. There is a place for rock climbing there.

The Pascagoula River is the longest unimpeded river in the United States. Canoing and kayaking give a chance to explore all the nooks and crannies you want. This is a great way to view nature because there are so many opportunities to stop and look around.

Hikers will love all the trails. The Clark Creek Natural Area Hiking Trail is 3 miles long. There are 700 acres of primitive and improved trails here with around 50 waterfalls. If you enjoy geo-caching, Mississippi has more than 2500 caches around the state.

Birders will have a field day in Mississippi. There are preserves and parks that support all types of wildlife. Blue Bluff Recreation and Birding and Wildlife on 432 acres at Aberdeen Lake has upland and bottomland hardwoods, plant species, small mammals, aquatic life, and migratory and non-migratory birds. Whew.

Mississippi has parks and scenic by-ways. There are museums and cultural centers. Historical and nature sites. It sounds like I'm going to be spending a lot of time exploring here. After you visit Mississippi, let me know your favorite things. There are links below to help you decide what to see first. I'm going to the Tunica RiverPark to hike and learn about the history of the Mississippi River.


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