Huge Tornado

One of the most awesome and destructive forces of nature is a tornado. You definitely don't want to be caught in the path of one of these behemoths of wind and power. Most of us are lucky enough not to have been too close to one. But now we will bring you a look at a particularly huge tornado in our video this week.

A tornado is a huge twisting column of air that is in contact with the surface of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud. They come in many shapes and sizes, but the most well known kind comes in the shape of a funnel with the narrow end closest to the ground, and with debris of all kinds flying around it.

Tornadoes have occurred on every continent in the world, though they are most common in the mid-west section of the United States. They are scary when seen up close, but they can be beautiful when seen from a distance. Our video shows the formation of a very huge tornado. Let's take a look.

This video was uploaded to YouTube on March 4, 2009 by They have, you guessed it, a lot of videos of tornadoes. The first link was to their YouTube page of videos. Here's a link to the their website.

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  1. incredible and very scary. The neighborhood I live in was hit by tornadoes in 1985. I didn't live here at the time though. My neighbors get a little nervous when it gets stormy

  2. The power can be intense, I worked at a town 2 years ago that was leveled.

  3. Living in the UK I have never had to worry about tornadoes but they do fascinate me...I don't think I envy anyone living in the US in the states that has tornadoes as the strong winds we have do plenty of damage without the amount of force that comes with a tornado.


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