English Wilderness

John Metcalf is an explorer who loves the wild, lonely places in the U.K. In English Wilderness he shares pictures of some of the places he discovers so we can enjoy them too. He is even generous enough to give us a look at what he carries in his rucksack. It is always helpful to know what experienced outdoors people take with them when they go on an adventure.

When John began posting, all he gave us was photographs. They are certainly gorgeous photographs. Now from being a follower of his for a long time, I happen to know that he really likes caves. Cox's Cave is an example and he has a fantastic picture of it. When he found Twinkle Cave, it seemed that he found Alice's rabbit hole entrance to Wonderland. If you read the comments he tells more about it.

He has other interests as well. He has a wonderful assortment of insects. The gatekeeper butterfly is beautiful.Then there is a marvelous shot of a ladybug on a dead nettle leaf.

John took a picture of a double rainbow. He was concerned that it wasn't good enough but believe me it is breathtaking. In the winter he shares a picture of mystery ice crystals. Can you guess what they are? Check his next post to find the answer.

John likes plants too. He knows that when the flowers begin to show, spring can't be far behind. Whether it's a meadow full of buttercups or a bumble bee collecting pollen, he makes the pictures seem alive.

You will notice that as time has gone by, John has begun to leave a comment about the photos. I am so pleased. They are such lovely pictures and I like knowing what they are and how he came to take them. Please take a look at English Wilderness. The link is below. It is a blog full of all types of nature. While I like the descriptions, the pictures alone are so worth the visit. After you look at John's photography leave him a nice comment and please tell him Emma sent you.

English Wilderness

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  1. just checked it out,it's going to be a great addition to follow, thanks :O)

  2. I have been a fan of this site for a few weeks. Always something interesting to see and read.

  3. Thanks for featuring me. It's an honour considering the great sites that have been chosen in previous weeks :-)

    I've just returned from a 10 day trip to the Scottish wilderness!


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