Basic Hiking Tips

Our Cool Nature Video for this week is a bit different than the others. I bring this one to you as more of an idea than just a video. This video shows a few basic hiking tips and techniques. What is cool about this is that the video puts it in your mind that you have to remember be careful before you go on a nature hike.

I have to say first that I appreciate the effort here by Karl Jensen who stars in the video, and by Expert Village who brought the video to us. They have combined to bring us an excellent series of videos like this one.

But I'm not sure I totally agree that these are the best basic tips and techniques for hiking. I think some of them are excessive and maybe some good ones are left out. But that's only my opinion, and I may be wrong. They are good though, so judge for yourself.

And finally, I believe the true value and coolness of this video is that Karl cares enough to share his knowledge of hiking with us. He deserves many thanks for giving us his take on nature and hiking. So watch the video and even some others in his series. The links are below.

This video was uploaded to YouTube on December 28, 2007 by expert village. You can go here to see it on YouTube, but it's more fun to watch it right here at Nature Center Magazine. Expert Village also has many more hiking and related tips. You might want to take a look.

Nature Center Magazine features cool nature videos from sources around the internet. We always give full credit to the source. Do you know of a cool nature video that you think is worthy of being featured here? Comments are welcome.


  1. good idea, I can think of a few people who should listen to this.


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