Polar Bears Being Friends With Dogs

We have a video that shows a strange relationship between a group of polar bears and some sled dogs. You would normally think that they would not get along at all, but these particular animals seem to be very good friends. The dogs and the polar bears can actually be seen playing together in the video!

The humans here in the video explain that they keep their distance from the polar bears, but the dogs seem to love them just fine, and the polar bears return that feeling exactly the same. It is explained in the video that polar bears are very social animals, so the relationship isn't a big surprise. Take a look.

This video was uploaded to YouTube on October 24, 2007 by FirstScience TV. You can see more of their videos at that link. There is a link to a website for them on the YouTube page that appears to no longer exist, but I found the website for FirstScience that works just fine. Take a look at both.

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  1. Very interesting find,I wonder if this still exists.

  2. That is just so touching to see. Very interesting.

  3. amazing, you always find the best videos, hope you're feeling better Ratty


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