Pine Cone Bird Feeder

We have a very simple little activity for you that can give a little help to some of the birds in your area. We will show you how to make a bird feeder from a pine cone. Thrilling, yes? This can be done all year long, and you'll get to enjoy seeing more birds. Who knows? Maybe you'll get to see a few that you've never seen before.

What are we going to need to make this simple little bird feeder? Only a few very simple ingredients that can be found close by. I told you this is a very simple one. Let's find out what we need. Read on.

What We Need
  • A Pine Cone - Look under a pine tree in your neighborhood for these.
  • A Piece of String or Yarn, cut to any length you like. - I suggest anywhere from half or the whole length of your arm.
  • Peanut Butter.
  • Bird Seed - You can find it at any pet store or most grocery stores.
  • A Butter Knife.
  • A Dinner Plate - A paper plate is best for this.

Let's Make Our Bird Feeder
  1. Tie the piece of string around the top of the pine cone. Make sure your knot is secure enough that they won't become separated. You can always cut the string to the best length later.
  2. Pour the bird seed out onto the plate.
  3. Use the butter knife to coat the pine cone with peanut butter.
  4. Roll the peanut butter coated pine cone in the bird seed until it is coated all over.
  5. Use your hands to press the bird seed farther into the peanut butter on the pine cone. This will make it stay on a little better.
  6. Go outside and tie the other end of the string, along with your pine cone, to a tree branch or maybe to the edge of your porch somewhere. You'll want the pine cone to dangle kind of high.

Now you can sit back and wait for your new bird friends to show up. Be patient. They may need a while. You may want to keep a camera handy so that you can take a few pictures of all the new birds that you'll discover now. It will be especially fun watching them dig out the seeds that you pressed especially far into the pine cone.


  1. We always made these and decorated our Christmas tree with them after putting it outside after the holiday.It gave them a nice perch to sit on.

  2. I'm going to do that with my Christmas tree this year after rounding up some pine cones.

    I've been using the leftover bread crusts from some very wholegrain, seedy bread. I just spread peanut butter on it but I can't hang it :O)

  3. My Dad showed me how to make these when I was a child. It was my first bird feeder. They are always a hit with the birds!

  4. I've heard of people making these but have never done them myself. I just may have to go round up some pine cones


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