Life At The Blue Rock Ranch

Before I tell you about the marvelous site we are featuring this week, I have been in touch with Ratty. I am pleased to tell you he is feeling much better. His injuries are serious but not life-threatening and he is healing. It is going to take some time. If he had not been wearing his seat belt, it could have been so much worse, so everyone please buckle up.

Life At The Blue Rock Ranch is written by Nancy Vanderwielen, also known as tagnrocky. She has been telling us about her daily living on her arm in Indiana. Tag and Rocky are actually two of her horses. Besides her horses (she has added Jasper to the group), she has dogs, cats, and an assortment of wild visitors.

 From the very beginning, Nancy's blog has entertained. After introducing us to her "family" she writes about rescuing an injured red-tailed hawk. If your check forward to the next entry, you will find out what happened to the poor thing. Then she has my favorite ever picture of a snake wrapped around itself and a tree branch. A great start from my point of view.

In a post with some excellent snow scenes, Nancy tells us about the scouting camera her husband gave her. It automatically takes pictures of whatever comes into view. She got some great shots of deer at the creek. Best of all there is a coyote that is sniffing around, probably hungry for deer.

Animals aren't the only things you'll find at Blue Rock Ranch. She has a nice variety of fungus too. There is a sycamore tree that fell but kept growing somehow. Branches now reach about 50 feet toward the sky. Ratty's Video of the Week prompted Nancy to post her own fantastic humming bird photos. She got some great action shots of the hummers at the feeder. I guess birds are animals but I will include them here anyway.

Life At Blue Rock Ranch reminds me of the way life really is on a farm. It's a wonderful life. She shows the mundane like getting the hay in for the winter, spring storms, and leaves in the fall. Then she gives a lesson in plants that are dangerous to us. I have included more links than I normally do but I am hoping you will look all through Nancy's site. It is so entertaining and so real. When you visit, leave her a nice comment and tell her Emma sent you. The link is below.

Life At The Blue Rock Ranch

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  1. Thanks for the update on Ratty and for this great new blog. You always find such great sites to visit

  2. Nice new blog for all of us to enjoy. Thanks for the introduction.

  3. I appreciate the info on Ratty and am glad he was wearing his seatbelt.
    This site is so good I decided to follow. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for featuring my site!
    Best wishes to Ratty for a full recovery.

  5. glad to hear Ratty is on the mend. This sounds like a fun site, I'll have to check it out


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