The House & Other Arctic Musings

Clare Kines is another of our many unique bloggers. He is a retired Canadian Mountie. He was born and grew up in Roblin, Manitoba. He claims to have joined the RCMP at the age of 3 and served in Manitoba, Quebec, Saskatchewan, The Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. After 24 years of service he retired.

He was a widower who relocated to the Arctic Bay. He, his new wife , and their 2 children now own and operate Kiggavik Bed and Breakfast.

Clare begins with his tales of what he calls "The House".  It is a gorgeous place set in rural Alaska; a perfect spot to commune with Alaskan nature. Then I read that he was losing his beloved house and moving into an apartment. Before you feel sad for him, he is now in a lovely home with his family and they seem to be quite content there. You may wonder what his home has to do with nature. He is located in a place that allows him to simply step out his door and there is Alaska in all it's glory.

Communing with nature is so important to Clare. I believe that his son Travis is probably his best companion, but his whole family gets into the act. I get a kick out of reading about the exploits of Travis with the dogs. There is the warm tale of Hilary and Dad enjoying the colors of an Alaskan sky. Experiencing the glories of nature with parents is the best way for them to love it.

The family had been out looking around Marcil Lake. They had been waiting for the loons hatchlings to appear. Clare thinks the photos are not too good but I enjoyed seeing not only the loons, and there are also pictures of sandpipers and their chicks.

Would our visit with Clare be complete without Polar Bears? I think not. He got some great shots when he was on the water at Umiarjuannuaq. He has a great many other wildlife pictures all through his posts.

The House & Other Arctic Musings is all about living in and with nature. It's something we all do whether we realize it or not. However, Clare has an advantage of having a fantastic piece of nature to work with. I do hope you will visit his site and look through it. When you are finished, leave him a comment and tell him Emma sent you. The link is below.

The House & Other Arctic Musings

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  1. Thank you Emma, for featuring our blog and for the wonderful review. One correction though, Arctic Bay is in Nunavut, in the Canadian arctic, and not in Alaska.

  2. This looks very interesting, thanks for sharing all these wonderful sites with us.

  3. I stand corrected. I am always pleased to learn something new. The pictures you have posted on your site show beautiful scenes. I am a little envious.


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