WiseAcre Gardens

WiseAcre Gardens is a fun, yet educational blog written by(who else?) WiseAcre. He is a gardener and stone fanatic who once tried to plant a woman. It didn't work. He invites you to come visit and assures you that you can always tell people you got there by mistake. These things might give you clue as to what you are getting yourself into when you visit.

WiseAcre calls New York State his home. He has taken his guests on so many trips around his place in the world. During the winter, he took us on a hike in Stone Valley. As we begin, he shows pictures of the bridge on Spring Street in Colton, NY. Next we see the Colton hydroelectric dam. There are spectacular pictures of the Raquette River along the way. The combination of snow and water is something you will have to see for yourself.

Stone is one of WiseAcre's very favorite things. He does a lot of creative stone work. He collects the stones from the wild and loads and hauls them himself. I'm sure he has muscles of steel. The results are beautiful, natural-looking walks, patios, and retaining walls. However if you ever decide to help, make sure you don't become like his helpers at the end of this particular post.

WiseAcre is also inordinately fond of mushrooms and lichen... all sorts of fungus. He has captured some marvelous pictures for us. In the linked post he shows us a variety of fungi in a variety of settings. There are even some "situations" to be dealt with.

In an article titled Dragonfly vs Frog he shares some fabulous pictures of each. Just be sure your inner frog isn't hungry when you read it. The results could be uncomfortable.

WiseAcre has an impish sense of humor that he can't control. It always shows itself. At the same time, he has a huge love of nature. He has all manner of plants, flowers, animals, and scenery in his blog. All you need to do is browse. You can always pretend you got there by mistake. But before you leave, please leave him a nice comment and tell him Emma sent you. The link is below.

WiseAcre Gardens

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  1. I love it and want to go back and read more but didn't know how to subscribe

  2. Many blogs (and WiseAcre Gardens is one of them) have a link sign up for RSS feeds. If you are not interested in doing it that way, you may just have to bookmark the site or come to visit this post to get the link when you want to see him. His site is definitely worth it.


  3. Wonderful site - love the title, love the balance of images and text. Really great photos - kudos all round. Mary McAvoy


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