Strange Water Bugs

Our Cool Nature Video for this week was done by me this time. That's always fun. This one is about thousands of strange water bugs. I found these strange water bugs at Island Lake park in Michigan. I'm sure they're something common, but I don't know their identity. It was very interesting watching them swimming around.

Take a look at the video and try to decide for yourself what these bugs might be. If you know what they are then maybe you might be kind enough to leave a comment sharing their identity with the rest of us. Thanks.

This video was done by me, Ratty. You can find my nature stories, pictures, and videos at The Everyday Adventurer. You can also find more of my nature videos right here at Nature Center Magazine. You can also find this and many more nature videos at my YouTube page.

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  1. they look like water boatmen/ pond skaters, but i can't see the legs?!

  2. I think the bodies are the wrong shape for boatmen/pond-skaters...but having said that I have no idea what they are...just ideas on what they aren't . Sorry i can't be more helpful!!

  3. I agree with bemused,water boatmen, lots of species.They can eat solid foods and are scavengers.

  4. Don't have a clue but the video was hypnotizing, great patterns and movement.

  5. A Rat TV Production. Nice, work. It would look good also as a screensaver... though I don't know how many people still use screensavers these days.

  6. Hey Ratty. I have a couple of Hedgehog videos (European wild hedgehogs). Don't know if you are interested for this site? if so you can check them out on youtube, my username is lucykemp21.
    Use them if you'd like, if not no worries!

  7. @Bemused
    I will definitely use one of your hedgehog videos. I like them both. I'm not sure when I'll put it on here, but it will be soon. Your hedgehog videos are some of what this site is all about.

  8. Hi, I live in Australia on the Clyde River (South Coast, NSW) and we have something very similar and I cannot discover what they are! I think ours may have a light grey streak either side of the body. They only live in very clean water, I understand, and our river is pristine. I think someone said they were bi-valves but is that possible?


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