Mike lives in the Pacific Northwest. He is an amateur nature photographer who loves the outdoors. Slugyard is the blog Mike writes because he wants everyone to notice the beauty of nature right outside their doors. Most of his pictures and the accompanying descriptions are taken in and around Mike's own yard.

One day Mike and his family heard a commotion in the woods behind their house. He wisely grabbed his camera a took some pictures for us of two coyotes wanting a raccoon for lunch. Luckily, the raccoon climbed a tree and the coyotes went elsewhere. But not before Mike got some terrific photos.

Like most of us who have our gardens, Mike has a problem with slugs or garden snails. He has found a way to keep their numbers smaller though. He has made his yard friendly for garter snakes that eat the slimy little things. I'm not sure which I would rather deal with but it is a natural solution to a natural problem.

As it has been with all the sites I have featured, I learned a great deal from reading Slugyard. For instance, did you know that Rollie- Pollies are not bugs? Mike discovered that they are crustaceans that live in moist environments in order to breath through their gills.

Plants are also a part of nature in Mike's world. Have you ever wondered where trees come from? Mike not only tells us, but he has pictures to illustrate.

There are several good posts about spiders. (Look for the post that tells us Daddy-Long Legs are not spiders.) A cross spider is shown wrapping a bee to save for a later meal.

Of course we must talk about the slugs Mike has named his blog after. The spotted leopard slug is not a native to the United States. It likes it here and has certainly made itself at home.

Again we have a fairly new blog. Mike has been writing Slugyard since June of this year. His feeling that you can enjoy nature in your own backyard is especially appealing to me. A walk around your own neighborhood can be as exciting as a trek through the woods if you wish it to be. Mike has an exceptional gift for seeing the little close-up things in nature and gives us exquisite pictures of them. Please click on the link below to visit Slugyard. After you have looked at Mike's offerings, leave him a nice comment and tell him Emma sent you.


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  1. I am amazed anything eats them, I like the garter snake better.I just started a natural history book of his area.

  2. I agree, I'd rather the snake. We lived on Vancouver Island for a while and I didn't know how huge this slug called giant Banana Slug could be until I tried weeding and got slimed. They grow about 9 inches and recommend picking it by hand, that wasn't going to happen.


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