Silver Lining

Silver Lining is written by Mary McAvoy sharing her observations and photos of a pond near her home somewhere in New England. Mary is a writer and editor. After experiencing some health problems, she and her family changed their lifestyle. Her blog is named Silver Linings because she decided to focus on the positives in

her life. One of the positives is the pond that holds such fascination for her.

One nice summer day Mary had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours at the pond. She describes the sensations she feels as she shows us some wonderful pictures of some of the things she saw. A snake, assorted birds, flowers, a muskrat, dragonflies, a jumping fish, and as half moon are all in this post. What a day!

Mary took a 2 week trip to Maine. When she returned, the pond had been waiting to welcome her with fantastic sights. Ducks, a heron who posed beautifully for several pictures, and several plants and flowers. I particularly liked the picture of seed puff balls. It captured the softness so well. The best picture is not easy to see. She managed to capture a picture of a coyote that was watching her yard in the dark.

As I mentioned before, Mary has some serious problems with her health. She is like the rest of us and sometimes needs to reset herself to cope with her life. I appreciated the way she dealt with it in one article. She posted some pictures of deer that she had taken at an earlier date. The first thing you see on this page is a breathtakingly ethereal picture of a deer looking out at you. The dialogue tells us how Mary gets herself in hand that day and moves forward.

One remarkable day finds Mary checking a nest of orioles that she had been watching. It was empty. Then she spied one of the little ones with its father on a branch. The pictures are gorgeous. The accompanying story is a sweet life moment.

Silver Linings is a site I hope you will read. It is so entertaining and Mary has a lot of marvelous pictures. She has also written a book. You can find more information about it in her bio. After you have looked around, leave a comment and tell her that Emma sent you. The link is below.

Silver Lining

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