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CONGRATULATIONS! Today is all about Joan Young. She is better known to most of us as Sharkbytes at My Quality Day. Joan has made history as the first woman to complete hiking the entire North Country National Scenic Trail. According to Wikipedia "The North Country National Scenic Trail stretches more than

4,600 miles (7,400 km) from Crown Point in Eastern New York to Lake Sakakawea in western North Dakota. It is the longest of the eleven National Scenic Trails authorized by Congress." Only seven men have finished hiking this long trail.

After hiking her final three miles today, August 3, 2010, Joan will be joined by many of her friends at a celebration picnic. She will give a presentation at the North Central Michigan College in Petosky, Michigan this evening. The North Country Trail Association has proclaimed this as Joan Young Day.

My Quality Day is the blog Sharkbytes has used to keep us up to date on her progress in her ambitious trek. She began the blog in 2008 to keep a log of her quality accomplishments every day. Of course she has told us of her adventures on the trail. She was also kind enough to include pictures of some of the scenery along the way.

But hiking is not the only thing in her life. One day she needed a break and her friend called and invited her to go kayaking on Lake Michigan. Off she went and shared the day with us.

Maggie is her faithful companion.  Maggie keeps Sharkbytes on her toes when they go out together. By the way, Maggie is a lovely dog who likes the outdoors almost as much as her human.

Sharkbytes also makes an everyday occurrence into a fun adventure. One day in the winter she found a Western conifer-seed bug. Pictures show us what they look like and Joan tells us a little bit about them.

Sharkbytes has written about such a variety of topics that I can't even begin to give samples of them all. On top of that, she has other blogs that she writes as well. Please click on the link below to look at My Quality Day. It's a nice homey site. You will feel at home with Sharkbytes immediately. And while you are there, please congratulate Joan on her remarkable achievement. Let her know Emma sent you.

My Quality Day

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  1. What a wonderful person she is. Hats off to our friend.

  2. I love her blog and visit her regularly. Quite an accomplishment she's achieved


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