Well, I've had a good day. No reason, just a good day. So let's plan a trip to Maryland. I have my travel guide and computer links. When I received the travel guide, there were several brochures and maps included in the package. Good ones too. And the travel brochure is full of computer links for an explorer to use to make decisions on which adventures to take. And when you check the links at the bottom, make sure you take a look

at the Kid's Page. It's not just for kids. There is a lot of information for places to go. More than that, there is just information. Bunches of it. It's a real good tool for school papers for the kids too.

Maryland is the 7th state of the United States. It was important to the United States in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War. Needless to say, there are a lot of historical figures and sites. The state sport is jousting and the state cat is the calico.

Chesapeake Bay is the hub of all water activities. Most waterways of the state feed the Chesapeake Bay and, of course, all waterways offer some sort of adventure. The Capt. John Smith National Historic Trail is the first all-water national historic trail in the United States. Many of these locations offer rentals of equipment for any activity you choose. You can canoe or kayak to a destination or maybe just paddle around to see the plants and animals along the way. There are several white-water courses available. Boaters will find landing sites and marinas all over the place. Maybe you want to get in the water. Scuba diving is a fun way to see nature.

Is hiking your "thing"? Biking? Want to just walk your dog? There are miles and miles of trails here.The Appalachian Trail runs about 40 miles through Maryland. The Elk Neck State Park is 10 miles through waterfront forest with one path leading to Turkey Point Lighthouse. The Green Ridge State Forest has almost 100 miles of trails for off-road bikers. As you travel these trails you'll see marshlands, bridges, lighthouses, historic sites, rock outcrops, and waterfalls. All trails want you to practice the "Leave No Trace" policy so make sure you leave no sign that you or your pet were ever there. The travel guide has a great listing of trails and the amenities available at each one.

Grab your binoculars and go bird watching. The Blackwater and Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuges show migrating waterfowl and bald eagles. There are boardwalks and observation areas. Birding areas are great spots to just stop and view the sights that nature has to give us.

Maryland has places to ride ATVs, play disc golf, ride horses, climb rocks, parasail, windsurf, and take part in all manner of winter sports. There are museums of every kind. History is present everywhere. The Star Spangled Banner was written here. The assassination of Lincoln was planned here. Battles from wars were fought here. Prisoners of war were held here. A good place to explore to my way of thinking. What do you think? After you visit Maryland let me know what you saw and did. All links are below.


Vacation Guide
Maryland Official Site
Visit Maryland
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  1. Those who have been in larger metropolitan areas of the state may have a hard time envisioning remote areas. I stayed in a cottage over the winter and didn't see a soul for the whole week there.I thought of crab cakes when I saw this states name.


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