The weather has been downright comfortable the last few days. I've been sleeping good so I'm all set to go exploring in Maine. I have all the usual materials... my vacation guide and internet links. Maine also sent me a real fine booklet about the Maine Birding Trail and another about the North Country Rivers National Scenic Byway. I love getting extras like that. Makes me take a look at things I might have skimmed over otherwise.

Anyway, grab a cup of coffee off the campfire and get comfortable. We're going to Maine, the only state with a one-syllable name. The 23rd state shares a boundary with only one other state, New Hampshire. The state herb is wintergreen and the state bird is the black-capped chickadee.

In the Kennebec and Moose River Valley area you will find the Pine Tree State Arboretum, a 224 acre nature-lover's dream. The plants found include lilacs and rhododendrons. There is a six mile network of trails for hikers, joggers, bikers, cross-country skiers, and horse-back riders. Birders will be happy they came. The Belgrades Lakes Region fulfills the needs of water lovers. More than a dozen outfitters are ready to take you on 12 to 16 miles of whitewater rafting adventures. With the right weather conditions, you can ski, snowmobile, or snowshoe around the countryside. On the fourth Sunday in March you can even make maple syrup.

The Lakes and Mountains Region of western Maine has hundreds of glacial lakes. Most of the lakes, ponds, and bogs in the area are accessible to canoes and kayaks. Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and tubing are all popular activities in the mountains. If hiking is your thing, there are 5 state parks in this area with trails galore. Mt. Apatite Park has quarries and slag piles for rock hounds. You can hunt for gems and semiprecious stones at several sites. Thorncrag has the largest bird sanctuary in New England.

In the Greater Portland and Casco Bay region there are lighthouses. Portland Head Light was commissioned by George Washington. Casco Bay has many islands and most are accessible by ferry. This being an urban area, it has a lot of museums and historical buildings. Portland has 30 miles of groomed trails to meander along the river. There is also a Freedom Trail commemorating the Underground Railroad and the anti-slavery movement in Maine.

There are 30 miles of Maine Beaches with white sands, coves, and harbors. There are guided "cruises" on skiffs, schooners, ferries, and lobster boasts. You might even see whales or dolphins out there. The Margional Way is a footpath that follows the coastline for about one mile. The Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge has a mile long nature trail. The tidal salt marshes are great for birding.

Aroostook County is the largest and northernmost county in Maine. It contains more than 2,000 lakes, streams, and, ponds. This is where you will find the Allegash Wilderness Waterway and St. John River. The Route 1 Scenic Byway gives a spectacular view of Peek-A-Boo Mountain. Aroostook County is an excellent place to watch the Aurora Borealis in early spring or early fall. There are trails for skiing, ATV fun, birding, hiking, and snowmobiling.

The Maine Highlands is the home of Paul Bunyan. While strolling through nature here, you might very well come across a few moose. There are Moose Safaris available. There are approximately 2,000 geocaches hidden in the Maine Highlands. Treasure hunting is always fun. The Oronon Bog Nature Trail has a boardwalk over a peat bog.

Scenic landscapes are the pride of the Downeast and Acadia section of Maine. Acadia National Park is located here. Cadillac Mountain is billed as the first place in America to see the morning sun. It is also a great spot to look for hawks. Puffins are seen only on two islands off the shore. West Quoddy Head State Park has an arctic bog with carnivorous plants.

Had enough? Maine has so much to see and do. And I believe lobster is their unofficial food. As always, I left out a lot of attractions. Find them for yourself and go exploring. I'm off to play pirate in Eastport. Let me know what adventures you had. Links are below.


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  1. I hoped you would touch on the food. MMMMM The rock formations are beautiful along the coast.

  2. sounds beautiful, I've seen some wonderful photos

  3. Maine is a national treasure that often gets overlooked. I am a huge fan of the mountain and lake region where moose are king! The coast is unlike any other in the states; craggy, unforgiving, and holding secrets in every nook and cranny!


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