I've Been Pixilated!

I was taking photos of some of the wildflowers around my house when it happened. I was minding my own business and not bothering anything and it happened. I was totally absorbed in my task at hand and it happened. A wee little fairy flew into my view!

I have heard about fairies all my life. I guess I always thought they were fun little mythical creatures but not really real. I know now that I was wrong.

It made no sound that I could hear but it seems to be pulling something from the plant it had chosen. Was it stuck or was it gathering something to take with it?
As I watched, it suddenly gave me such a fierce look that I gasped. With that intake of breath I became immediately light-headed and a little dizzy. I blinked two or three times to regain my equilibrium and when I looked for the fairy, it was gone.

Now you may believe that I am a wee bit "touched"... a little bit crazy. That's what pixilated means. I would tend agree with you, but I do have these pictures. Pixies or fairies. Are they real? Am I a goofy old lady? Do you believe me? I've been pixilated!


  1. Oh I believe every word of it although I've been known to be a wee bit "touched" myself :)

  2. Fantastic, I've been trying for years to take a photo of the fairies without any success! :-)

    I didn't realise they're so fierce.

  3. The charm of nature can be very magical.

  4. I clicked on the picture to get a closer look. By golly you are right. That is a fairy!!! I haven't seen one in years. This one is a male and they are the rarest.
    No, you aren't crazy.:)


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