Country Mouse Studio

Country Mouse Studio is written by Carole Barkett. Carole is an artist who loves nature and she has decided to combine two of her loves into one blog. She shows us about the things she sees in and around her home in British Columbia, Canada. This blog is only about 9 months old and already has an impressive amount of content.

I am so envious of artists. I have absolutely no artistic ability. When I see artwork by someone as gifted as Carole, I am in awe. I think she is exceptionally good at birds like the blue jay she has drawn in an early post. Her art is available for sale in various forms if you are interested. If you prefer to just look, there is a lot to look at.

One day when she managed a little extra time, Carole managed to take some pictures of a bit of nature. Beautiful Balsam Flowers blowing in the wind and dotting the hillside made me feel as if I were right there. To top off the day, a picture of a meadow lark worthy of a frame is here. An inquisitive marmot was wondering what Carole was doing and she got a nice shot of it too.

To remind us that nature can be no further that our own yards, There are some pictures of Carole's lovely flower gardens. Poppies and lavender combine to make a lush area around her driveway. To keep the weeds at bay, she has been spraying with vinegar. That way no animals or birds will be harmed. She claims it is "lazy man's" gardening. Sounds like smart ecology to me.

Her post about a cattle guard brought back fond memories of my grandparents' farm. I remember seeing this little "bridge" often when I was a child. It allowed farmers and ranchers to keep their cattle from straying across an access trail. It eliminated the need for a gate and allowed tractors to come and go without the need to climb up and down to open and close the gate.

Country Mouse Studio is an entertaining site that only promises to get better as Carole posts more. Her words show knowledge, her photos are wonderful, and her art is outstanding. Please visit Carole by clicking on the link below. Then after you have seen some of her posts, leave a comment and tell her Emma sent you.

Country Mouse Studio

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  1. Thank you for the feature, I love your blog and have learned so much

  2. I am a huge fan of Carole's art and her blog and am very glad to see it featured.


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