We finally have another in our series of free online nature field guides. This one is the fourth. I've been trying to bring you something each time that is very different from the last. We've already dealt with birds, and another very comprehensive guide for all of nature. This time we will go into the world of bugs with BugGuide.Net. Keep reading.

BugGuide is a bit different than the other guides that I've featured so far. This one is more of a searchable database than a field guide. The other guides have an advanced search that enables you to narrow down and identify your critter. BugGuide isn't always that easy.

While not being easy in the same way as the others, BugGuide is still the most valuable bug resource that I have found on the internet. This one has a database that covers very many known bugs in North America. It also appears to add to this database on a routine basis. There are photos of the bugs along with scientific information and user comments that add to the bug information.

But you want to know how to actually identify your bug with this tool. The best way I have found is to use the search box at the top right. I usually type in as few words as I can to best describe a bug I have found. There is also the clickable guide on the very left, which is probably what most people would find to be the easiest method. There are also forums and other resources to help you on the site. Use them all!

I have found the identities of many mystery bugs by using this tool, but I'm not always successful. That may be just me. You might have even more success. I also use this site in conjunction with other sites for identifying bugs. Yes, they are out there. They will be shared here as the weeks go by. But for now, go see what BugGuide has to offer all by itself.


We are still looking for more online field guides every day, especially those for outside of North America. If you know of a good site with information on any feature in nature of near you, share the link with us in the comments section. You may also leave a link to your own site if you have one. We will give credit to the first person that shares the link to a guide when we write the article for it. We are looking for guides from all over the world, so one for your area would be very helpful.


  1. this is great...i would really like it if you could find one for the uk...I suppose I could look for myself but it's so much easier if you do it for me.

    Although it isn't even in my country though I do love to learn about bugs from all over!!

  2. You need to be more specific with the identity with this guide. It would be useful for additional info, but a book is easier for me to page through and find them.This is a fun resource, thanks for passing it on.

  3. we get the smallest little blue fly. I comes in clouds once a year. It's about the size of a shelled sunflower seed with it's wings and all. It's a soft powder blue and it's body is fuzzy like a fur coat. They hover in the air in clouds for a few days then disappear. I've been trying to find out what it is for years but it's so tiny most people don't even see it. When it comes this year i will photograph it. Any ideas?

  4. I've used it and like it but if you have no clue what you're looking for expect to browse through 1000s of photos :)

    Out is right - a book is the best place to start. I find on-line resources the best to confirm.

    Here's a couple more sites I frequent for your consideration:


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